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'Carol: 2'? Blanchett and Mara Set Photos Captivate Lesbian Fans

Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara have reunited on the set of Guillermo del Toro's Nightmare Alley, and queer women can't believe it's not a Carol sequel. 

We Are All Kathryn Hahn Swooning Over Rachel Weisz to the Carol Score

A viral video aimed at lesbian and bisexual women's collective obsession with Weisz is layered with queer allusions. 

Lesbian & Bi Women Are Losing It Over This Viral Faux Coachella Meme

Coachella has gotten pretty queer over the years, but it's nothing compared to the lineup one Twitter user has lesbian and bi women fantasizing about. 

Sing Along to Lesbian Christmas Carols

Nothing says Christmas like the greatest sapphic film of all time.

Cate Blanchett Defends Straight Actors Playing Gay Roles, Stirs Fury

Some LGBTQ audience members are disappointed that the Carol actress has no qualms about playing gay.

Carol Writer Phyllis Nagy to Write & Direct Dusty Springfield Biopic

The out screenwriter of the lesbian-themed Carol will direct Gemma Arterton as the famed British singer. 

25 LGBTQ Sex Scenes That Made Film History

For LGBTQ filmgoers, sex in movies has often been an entry point to understanding one's own desires.

Carol Producer Elizabeth Karlsen Confirms Weinstein 'Stole' Credit

Carol producer Elizabeth Karlsen confirms the accused rapist had zero role in the creative process of the beloved film. 

The Conflict of Watching Good Art That Features Bad Artists

Is it counterproductive to boycott inclusive films and shows that are tainted by one person's bad acts?

When Will Queer Women Get Their 'Call Me by Your Name' Oscars Moment?

The Oscars are finally becoming more diverse, but the Academy still fails to reward stories about queer women. 

'Carol Support Group' Is the Perfect 'Carol' Companion for Christmas

The eight-minute short film is a loving homage to Carol and its ardent fans that is perfect for the holiday season. 

Rotten Apples Database Tracks Sexual Predators in Your Favorite Films and Shows

It may not be as easy to tune in to House of Cards, Transparent, or even Carol if you can't look away from the predators attached to them. 

'Carol' Addicts Find Peace, Pleasure in 'Carol Support Group'

Director Allison Tate talks about her addiction to the Cate Blanchett film Carol in this teaser for award-winning short film Carol Support Group, now avaliable on HereTV.

Christine Vachon on Queer Cinema and the Legacy of Carol

Legendary producer Christine Vachon challenges what makes a film "queer" and looks back on Carol two years after it premiered at Cannes.

Did Hollywood Sabotage My Marriage?

For one writer, watching When We Rise drove home the fact that in her formative years, film and television never represented the possibility of lifelong love between women. 

The LGBT Comedians of Twitter React to the iPhone 7

A roundup of the best LGBT tweets about this fall's most anticipated piece of technology.

'Carol' Fans Are Upset Delta Is Showing Edited Version of Film

Carol fans are using the hashtag "#FreeCarol" to tweet at Delta Air Lines. 

Sam Smith Wins Oscar for Best Original Song

The out crooner dedicated his first Academy Award to 'the LGBT community all around the world.'