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Carol Support Group Is the Perfect Carol Companion for Christmas 

Carol Support Group Is the Perfect Carol Companion for Christmas 

Carol Support Group

The eight-minute short film is a loving homage to Carol and its ardent fans that is perfect for the holiday season. 

It's been two years since Carol, arguably the most romantic Christmas film of all time, swept through theaters gathering devotees of its protagonists Carol (Cate Blanchett) and Therese (Rooney Mara), its peerless direction by Todd Haynes, its understated, playful screenplay by Phyllis Nagy, and its swelling score by Carter Burwell.

For some, the hopeful, deeply sensual film based on a blossoming love affair between Carol, a socialite on the brink of divorce, and Therese, the curious shop clerk and burgeoning photographer, circa 1952, made for the greatest love affair between women ever depicted on the big screen and it created legions of fans, including Allison Tate, writer and director of Carol Support Group,a pristinely crafted, witty, loving short-film homage to Carol that tells the story of a group of Carol fans whose obsession is so all-consuming that they require a 12-step program.

Carol Support Group, which premiered at San Francisco's famed Frameline Film Festival and has amassed a devoted fan base of its own, infuses elements of Haynes's direction, Nagy's script, Burwell's score, and Sandy Powell's period costumes to re-create the magic that is Carol but with an extra wink and a nudge.

The eight-minute film produced by Wenjo Carlton stars Ashley Morton as Blanche, a woman whose pull is distinctly Carol-esque and Brett Candace as Genevieve, an eager and open Therese stand-in.

In honor of Christmas, enjoy Carol Support Groupwith "compliments of the season from the management."

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