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With the Olympics being held in Russia, some are speaking up for LGBT equality. They are our champions. Tell us who makes you proud at #championequality via social media.

Exclusive in Sochi: U.S. Delegation on Why They're There

In partnership with United for Equality in Sports and Entertainment, The Advocate brings you interviews and coverage directly from Sochi.

PHOTOS: Global Protest of Russia's Homophobia

As the Olympics begin, so do the worldwide protests against homophobic laws in Russia.

7 Groups That Have Gone Gay for the Olympics

Google made a bold display of support for LGBT equality with its rainbow doodle. But other organizations are also colorfully rebranding themselves to make an Olympic statement.

WATCH: Shocking Film Tells The Truth About Russia

With the Russian PR machine in high gear for the Olympics, this British documentary uncovers what's really happening to LGBT people.

WATCH: Chevrolet's LGBT-Inclusive Olympic Ads

An new TV spot brings a first for Chevrolet

Op-ed: How Gay Can I Be In Sochi?

A student journalist heads to Sochi to cover the Winter Games, but he was a little worried about how he might be perceived.

Google Doodle Goes Rainbow to Support LGBT Olympians

Hours before the Opening Ceremonies in Sochi, Google updates its homepage to show solidarity with LGBT Russians and Olympic athletes and spectators.

'Arrow' Star Stephen Amell Says 2014 Olympics 'Marred by Homophobia'

The hunky star of the CW's Arrow took to Facebook to air his feelings about Russia's antigay attitudes and the negative impact holding the Games in a homophobic country is having on the Olympic spirit.

Meet The LGBT Allies Headed to Sochi

There aren't a ton of out LGBT athletes heading to Sochi (far from it), but many allies have made their displeasure with Russia's antigay laws heard.

5 Things To Know About Brian Boitano

Brian Boitano was named to the official delegation representing the U.S. at the Sochi games. Here are five things you should know about the out Olympian.

WATCH: Underwear Models Invite You to Sochi's Pride House

Underwear models Brandon Robert Brown and Colby Melvin help spread the word about the Uprising of Love organization's effort to provide Pride Houses around the country during the Sochi Winter Games.

WATCH: Two-Man Luge Proves Olympics Were Always a Little Gay

If Russian legislators hope to keep a lid on all LGBT representations during the Winter Games in Sochi, they may want to consider removing a few Olympic events.

LGBT Olympic Primer: 5 Things To Know About Caitlin Cahow

Caitlin Cahow is headed to her third Olympic games, this time as a delegate representing the U.S. during the closing ceremonies. Here are five things you should know about the out Olympian.

WATCH: Parisians Colorfully Protest Sochi Olympics

Just days before the opening ceremonies in Sochi, Russia, activists in Paris took to the streets to highlight the Olympic host country's human rights violations.

Who Has Given Russia The Coldest Shoulder, So Far?

While there is no one way to register unhappiness with Russia's laws and antigay violence, some are much colder than others.

Finnish Olympic Swimmer Comes Out to Protest Russia

In an effort to raise awareness of Russia's antigay legislation ahead of the Sochi Winter Games, Finnish Olympic Swimmer Ari-Pekka Liukkonen has come out of as gay.

GLAAD Releases Guide for Media Covering Sochi Olympics

The guide aims to help reporters tell the stories of LGBT Russians suffering under the nation's antigay policies.

The Very Short List: Who Is Gay In The Olympics?

Who will represent Team LGBT in Sochi? Barely a handful of athletes worldwide have come out.


The Long History of Olympic Protests

Geopolitics have always been associated with the Olympics, and this year will be no exception.