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Christine Quinn

The latest news about Christine Quinn, the out New York City politician. She is a Democrat and served as the City Council Speaker under Michael Bloomberg, the thrice-elected mayor of New York City, and became the first lesbian and woman to hold this office. Christine Quinn ran for the position of mayor in 2013, but she placed third in the city's democratic primary. The nomination ultimately went to Bill de Blasio. Quinn is a resident of Manhattan, along with her wife Kim Catullo.

How Is Cuba's Government More LGBT-Friendly Than America's?

Christine Quinn, New York City's first female and first out council speaker, recently visited the island nation and witnessed an odd role-reversal.

Christine Quinn Attempts to Clarify Calling Cynthia Nixon an 'Unqualified Lesbian'

The former speaker of the NYC Council tried to tone down her statements in which she called Nixon "unqualified" while also misidentifying the bi actress as a lesbian. 

Watch Christine Quinn's Scary Exchange with Trump's Ex-Campaign Manager

"Don't touch me," Corey Lewandowski said to Quinn, the lesbian former New York City council speaker, during a heated CNN exchange. 

Christine Quinn's Next Political Move? Equality For Women

New York's former City Council speaker Christine Quinn is using her experience as a lesbian and a woman in politics by leading a new party.

Adviser: Christine Quinn's Gender, Gayness Counted Against Her

The problem was not 'homophobia or sexism per se, but is the way society and people view women and gays,' the New York mayoral hopeful's chief strategist says.

Op-ed: Why Christine Quinn Didn't Win With LGBT Voters

Rather than being a rejection of an LGBT political candidate, it showed that we've moved beyond identity politics.

Christine Quinn Concedes NYC Mayoral Race

The New York City Council speaker and protege of outgoing mayor Michael Bloomberg came in third in the Democratic primary Tuesday night.

Interview: Christine Quinn on Having a Seat at the Table

The out candidate for New York City mayor makes a case for LGBT votes.

WATCH: Tim Gunn Endorses Christine Quinn for Mayor in NYC

The lifelong teacher and mentor on Project Runway even ties fashion to his reasoning.

NYC: Million Dollar Labor Campaign Targets Quinn

A group of labor and political activists are targeting New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn for not being favorable enough to issues on the left.

Op-ed: Beware of Supporting Candidates Just Because They're Gay

Jim Morrison -- host of the political show For & Against -- explores the dangerous trend of blindly supporting gay politicians.

Quinn Makes Bid As NYC's First Female and Gay Mayor

Will Christine Quinn make history as The Big Apple's first openly gay and first female mayor?

HRC Endorses Christine Quinn for NYC Mayor

'Chris is ready to fight for the city New Yorkers deserve,' HRC president Chad Griffin says of the out lesbian City Council speaker.

Lady Bunny and Pamela Anderson on Romance

At a New York animal-rights event, Pamela Anderson and Lady Bunny speak up.

Christine Quinn Reflects on Progress at DNC

The lesbian Speaker of the New York City Council offered her thoughts on the experience for LGBT delegates in Charlotte, and responded to chatter about her own political future.

Christine Quinn: Chick-fil-A Not Welcome in New York City

The out lesbian official launched an online campaign calling on the company's president to change his antigay views, and she asked New York University, home of the city's only Chick-fil-A restaurant, to replace the fast food chain.

Navratilova Presses Quinn to Reform NYC's Horsedrawn-Carriage Industry

A biased rant from a driver caught on camera has prompted Quinn to call for anti-discrimination training in the horsedrawn-carriage industry at the urging of animal rights activist Martina Navratilova.

Christine Quinn Marries Partner Kim Catullo

New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn married her longtime partner Kim Catullo in a ceremony Saturday, becoming the highest-profile official to wed since the marriage equality law took effect last year.

Ed Koch Backs Christine Quinn for NYC Mayor

Koch called the out lesbian elected official the ideal "center-to-the-left" candidate.