WATCH: Tim Gunn Endorses Christine Quinn for Mayor in NYC

WATCH: Tim Gunn Endorses Christine Quinn for Mayor in NYC

Fashion icon Tim Gunn, a longtime New Yorker, endorsed Christine Quinn for mayor in a new video from the campaign, arguing that being the first openly gay person to lead the city is a "fabulous" addition. But, "it's about leadership."

Gunn praised Quinn for her commitment to the middle class and education, saying the candidate "doesn't want this city to become a luxury brand." And of course Gunn, a fixture of Project Runway, tied his endorsement to fashion. "We want people to not view this city merely as a place for big fashion brands," he said. "It should also be a place for those young entrepreneurial go-getters."

Then Gunn, who is gay, addressed whether her sexual orientation factored in his decision.

"I love and adore her," said Gunn in the video. "The fact that she happens to be a lesbian is simply fabulous. It's about leadership. And it is about leading the paradigm shift in this nation. Let's forget that she's a woman, let's forget that she's a lesbian. She's the only candidate who has the track record that says I am capable, qualified and competent to run this great city."

For an interview about where Quinn stands on the issues, and for her reaction to the Anthony Weiner scandal, watch an interview on Friday with MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell below. She described the latest news about Weiner as a pattern of reckless behavior.


Watch the Tim Gunn endorsement:


Watch the MSNBC interview below:

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