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Cleve Jones

It would be impossible to envision a film about the life of Harvey Milk that didn't include Cleve Jones. A Milk protege and a key worker in the politician's successful 1977 campaign for the San Francisco board of supervisors, Jones conceived the AIDS Memorial Quilt at a candlelight memorial for Harvey Milk in 1985. More than two decades later, it has become the largest community arts project in the world. Read more about Cleve Jones and other activists who advance LGBT rights in the United States.

Cleve Jones Is Here to Recruit You — to Help Stop the GOP

The legendary activist says it's all hands on deck for November.

Cleve Jones on What Gayborhoods Will Look Like After COVID-19

LGBTQ+ neighborhoods were already dying. Activist icon Cleve Jones discusses how the pandemic will continue to transform them.

Cleve Jones: Unions Have Our Backs and We Need to Return the Favor

The legendary activist is fighting for UNITE HERE's members and asking LGBTQ people to help if they can.

The Bullhorn of Harvey Milk and Cleve Jones Displayed at Smithsonian

One of the most familiar emblems from the early days of the gay rights movement is now in the Smithsonian Museum: Harvey Milk’s bullhorn.

A Birthday Message to Harvey Milk, From Cleve Jones

On what would have been Harvey Milk's 86th birthday, his former colleague and close friend shares his thoughts on the man and his legacy.

Op-ed: Russian Gays Aren't the Only LGBTs Suffering

While many of us turn our heads toward Russia, we also turn our backs to the plight of LGBTs in Zimbabwe, Cameroon, and Nigeria.

Op-ed: What's Missing Is When Harvey Met Sally

Activist Melanie Nathan describes how Harvey Milk's message of coalition-building and the inclusion of feminists such as Sally Miller Gearhart can help win equality for all.

Op-ed: A Call for Protests Outside Supreme Court

As the Supreme Court considers marriage equality for the first time, activists Cleve Jones and David Mixner call for demonstrations in March.

WATCH: White House Honors LGBT Champions of Change

The White House will honor six individuals and organizations working to improve the lives of LGBT people at a "Champions of Change" event to be streamed live Thursday morning.

Advocate for Homeless LGBT Youths to Be Honored at White House

Carl Siciliano, the executive director of the Ali Forney Center for homeless and runaway LGBT youths, will be honored at the White House next month as a "champion of change."

How Are You Celebrating Harvey Milk Day?

Eighty-two years ago today, a legend of gay rights and politics was born.

Chris Colfer Joins Cast of Marriage Equality Play

The Glee actor, along with Kevin Bacon and John C. Reilly, is joining the reading of the Dustin Lance Black-penned script.

Dustin Lance Black: Hoover is the Dark Side of Milk

After deservedly winning the Academy Award for his screenplay for Milk and delivering a galvanizing acceptance speech, Black has directed a film, Virginia; is currently working on two screenplays; and is a founding member of the American foundation for Equal Rights, which is leading the federal case against California's discriminatory Proposition 8, which banned same-sex marriage.

Pressure on AnheuserBusch to End Support for Homophobic UFC

Nevada equality and union activists recently sent a letter urging the company to end its sponsorship of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Harvey Milk Stamp Promoted

Several LGBT activists are campaigning for the U.S. Postal Service to issue a stamp honoring Harvey Milk, and one of them says Milk would love it -- and find it hilarious.