WATCH: Jeffrey: The Series Episode 7, ‘Velvet Rope’

WATCH: Jeffrey: The Series Episode 7, ‘Velvet Rope’

Can’t you just picture it: the adoring fans waving, the stream of snaps from a mob of peering paparazzi, and the wishes of a hundred wannabes following you as you cross that velvet rope to enter the area of the club you were born to grace with your presence — the VIP room!

While the wallflowers dream of being the life of the party, Jeffrey knows it’s only a matter of time before the world realizes he is the party. After all, he’s destined to be the first overweight 55-year-old gay drama queen in a boy band, and he’s ready to hold court in any club with a level of fabulousness never before seen.

As Jeffrey says: “I have found that standing behind the red velvet rope is practice for when I’m on the other side! By this time next year … I’ll be the one with all the cameras pointing at him! Boy band history here I come! After all, this boring side is just a holding pen for all that glitters just a little bit brighter than the rest!  And mercy knows I’ve been holding this glitter in for a long time!”

Watch Jeffrey: The Series episode 7 below.

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