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WATCH: SNL Knows How to Shut Down Transphobic Thanksgiving Talk

WATCH: SNL Knows How to Shut Down Transphobic Thanksgiving Talk

SNL Thanksgiving

Hint: It all starts with a simple ‘Hello.’

The cast of Saturday Night Live knows "Thanksgiving with family can be hard," as a sketch aired last night explores. "Everyone has different opinions and beliefs."

The scene opens with a family -- mom Vanessa Bayer, dad Beck Bennett, and aunt (or family friend) Aidy Bryant -- sitting down to dinner with the younger generation, including daughter Cecily Strong, her boyfriend Jay Pharoah, and an unnamed little girl. After some polite chatter about what they're thankful for, the conversation quickly turns to Syrian refugees, police brutality, and then, to transgender people.

"I saw two transgenders at the airport," says out cast member Kate McKinnon's grandma character. "They actually looked kinda pretty."

"Very interesting trend, this," adds Matthew McConaughey's grandfather character.

"Transgender is not a trend, Mr. Paul" Pharoah fires back.

"There weren't any around when I was younger," the grandfather shrugs.

"Yeah, they were there, but they couldn't say anything, so they lived sad lives and died," retorts Strong, clearly frustrated.

As everyone at the table starts bickering, the youngest dinner guest turns to the CD player, and unleashes Adele's "Hello," a track so powerful that everyone at the table is transfixed, unable to stop themselves from an emphatic lip-synch session.

As the track progresses, each dinner guest gets more involved, as they transform into campy versions of the Grammy-winning singer, complete with wind-blown hair, dramatic makeup, and furs.

"Thanks Adele," says the little girl at the close of the segment.

Watch the segment below.

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