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Fragile Trump Is Like Sally Field's Desperate Soapdish Character

Fragile Trump Is Like Sally Field's Desperate Soapdish Character


As the world responds in disgust to Trump's latest disgrace, the president plans a rally in Arizona to feed his ego. Reminds us of a certain sad Soapdish character.

If there's one thing that's easy to notice about Donald Trump, is that he's thirsty. He continues to hold pointless rallies full of adoring supporters, even as his poll ratings tank and everyone outside the arena is calling for his resignation.

This was not lost on Jezebel, which recently compared Trump's insecure teenage antics to the 1991 comedy Soapdish, where Sally Field portrays a middle-aged soap opera actress. When her career and self-esteem are crumbling, Field's character heads to a mall in New Jersey where she knows she'll be surrounded by adoring fans. Sound familiar? Trump, who's facing the ire of the public and world leaders for endorsing the actions of neo-Nazis, is now heading to Arizona to pump up his bruised ego.

The president loves Fox News because it loves him. He swallows whatever BS Fox & Friends will shovel, in what The New York Times called "a two-way mirror." But in recent days, even the conservative spin cannot fill Trump. He's launched his own "real news" show that highlights his accomplishments and condemns all criticism. Yes, the top news stories in the nation may go unreported in the Trump-produced episodes, but his staffers are too busy to read to keep up with the headlines -- they must serve him with a folder of positive news about himself, twice a day.

But what happens when even his staunchest supporters aren't delivering praise with Postmates precision? With Donald Trump dropping his pretense and outright defending neo-Nazis, white supremacists, the KKK, and terrorists, the kitchen is closing. Republican pundits are tearing up over his actions on Fox News. CEOs once thrilled to sit beside the "businessman president" are fleeing from his now-disbanded Manufacturing Council and Strategy & Policy Forum. Most of his champions have moved off the Daily Wire and onto the Daily Stormer, a website for neo-Nazi wolves who howled along with the president's dog whistle comments.

Our adoration-hungry president is running out of places that will serve him. It may be time for him to host another pity-party rally: the dress code is swastikas and hoods.

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