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Donald Trump

Libs of TikTok's Chaya Raichik & Trump Met at Mar-a-Lago

The former president and the anti-LGBTQ-account owner took a photo together at his Florida country club.

Why Biden’s Document Dilemma Will End His Reelection Plans

Not his age, but the perception of doing what Trump did, and the ongoing drip, of news, including more documents found this weekend, will likely end Biden's reelection aspirations.

Trump Tower in New York City
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Are Garland and the DOJ Ready for Those Trump Referrals?

Based on their past success of proving sedition and knocking Trump back on his heels, we can expect some history-making legal fireworks in 2023.



Two Trump Organization Companies Found Guilty of Criminal Tax Fraud

Donald Trump and his family were not charged in this case.

Transgender Insurrectionist Found Guilty, Faces 50+ Years in Prison

Jessica Watkins and other Oath Keepers were convicted Tuesday of multiple felonies for their involvement in the January 6 attack on the Capitol building.

Jessica Watkins, Trans Jan. 6 Insurrectionist, Apologizes in Court

Jessica Watkins, a militia leader, said that she became sucked into online conspiracies and believed the United Nations could invade the United States.

Mary Trump Loses Case Against Uncle Donald Trump

A New York Supreme Court judge ruled against the former president's niece on Monday.


Trump Announces 2024 Bid for President

Trump was rather low-energy but got in many of his favorite digs.

We Finally Agree With Donald Trump on This One

The former president malfunctioned at a campaign event in North Carolina.

Ex-Trump Lawyer Jenna Ellis Continues Attacks on LGBTQ+ Community

Instead of focusing on an order to testify about Donald Trump's attempt so overturn the 2020 presidential election, she's tweeting anti-LGBTQ+ attacks.

Watch Randy Rainbow on How Trump 'Screwed With Our Democracy'

"Does it really take the FBI to verify he tends to lie?" Rainbow asks in the video for his new song, set to the tune of the Beatles' "Yesterday."

Log Cabin Republicans Liken Mar-a-Lago Raid to Stonewall

Where to start on what's wrong with that?

Donald Trump Denounces Deal to Free 'Spoiled' Brittney Griner

Trump called the lesbian basketball star a "potentially spoiled person" who entered Russia "loaded up with drugs."

Trump Goes on Transphobic Rant During D.C. Speech

Along with anti-trans comments directed at trans athletes, Trump said, if he coached a women's basketball team, he would ask LeBron James to transition.

Trump Attacks Trans People at Alaska Rally

The former president claimed that letting trans women compete alongside cisgender women is "demeaning to women."

Randy Rainbow & the Internet Mock Donald Trump Over Jan. 6 Hearings

It comes after explosive testimony by a former White House aide who gave detailed testimony at Tuesday's January 6 hearing.

Log Cabin Republican Praises Trump, ‘Don’t Say Gay,’ and Trans Hate

In a column, gay Republican Charles Moran slams Texas for calling homosexuality 'abnormal' while claiming the former president made the country more LGBTQ+ inclusive.

John Eastman, Pro-Trump Jan. 6 Conspirator, & His Anti-LGBTQ+ History

Before trying to throw the 2020 election to Donald Trump, Eastman had a long record of opposing marriage equality and other LGBTQ+ causes.

Trump Is Reportedly ‘Weirded Out’ by Scandal-Plagued Madison Cawthorn

While the former president hasn't pulled his endorsement yet, he's reportedly asked if the North Carolina lawmaker is "f***ing his cousin."