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L.A. LGBT Center Defaced With Anti-Trans Slur

Los Angeles LGBT Center

The Los Angeles LGBT Center was spray-painted with hate speech.

Employees of the L.A. group — which provides health, housing, and other resources to the city's LGBT community — discovered the grafitti Friday morning on the facade of one of its key facilites, The Village at Ed Gould Plaza in Hollywood.

The text read “Fuck trannies” and “Fuck all y'all.” 

A spokesperson says the vandalism occured around 9 p.m. Thursday night. It was painted over by noon the next day.

“We had a security officer on duty, but he was patrolling other areas of the building. Fortunately, we have cameras that should have recorded the perpetrators," said Jackie DeFede, the organization's director of facilities, who filed a report and is sharing security footage with local authorities.

Recently, the organization launched 100 Days and Me, an inititative that monitors threats to the LGBT community during the onset of the Trump administration. Participants receive information about local trainings and targeted action in response to these threats.

"We aren't going anywhere," the Center wrote on its Facebook page in response to the recent attack.

Hate crimes against members of all vulnerable communities have spiked since the presidential election. The Center encourages victims of hate to contact its Anti-Violence Project at 1-800-373-2227.

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