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Gemmel Moore's Mother on Ed Buck: 'He's the Devil'


Activist Ashlee Marie Preston (left) speaks to LaTisha Nixon about her son, who died mysteriously at the home of the wealthy white political donor.

Last week the family and friends of Gemmel Moore (pictured, below) gathered together to celebrate what would have been his 28th birthday. The 26-year-old died July 27, 2017, months before his 27th birthday, in the home of West Hollywood resident Ed Buck. Buck, an older, wealthy white man, is known for allegedly targeting disenfranchised young black men, and promising them money in exchange for helping him fulfill his fetish for race play.

Several witnesses and a journal entry from Moore gave accounts of Buck's core kink -- getting black men high beyond their limits while berating them with the "N" word. In some accounts, Buck is accused of forcibly injecting the young men with lethal doses of meth and/or heroin himself -- until they were on the precipice of an overdose. Unfortunately in this tale; one man's kink became another man's casket -- actually make that two.


Just as Moore's mother, LaTisha Nixon, prepared for her flight to Los Angeles to celebrate the life of her son with those fighting for justice alongside her, news broke of another body being removed from Buck's home. This time it was 55-year-old Timothy Dean. A neighbor reported seeing Dean enter Buck's apartment at 12:15 a.m. and the paramedics found him unresponsive at 1 a.m. While coroners have yet to release the cause of death, many have reached their own conclusions.

Those seeking justice for Moore weren't the least bit shocked that another person died in Buck's apartment, including out investigative reporter Jasmyne Cannick, who'd previously predicted that if L.A. District Attorney Jackie Lacey and former L.A. County Sheriff Jim McDonnell didn't take action they'd soon be recovering another body from Buck's unit.

What was meant to be an intimate celebration of Gemmel Moore's life -- ending with a beautiful balloon release at midnight -- became a rehashing of Buck's egregious exploits along with public outcry from family, friends, and activists demanding the arrest and prosecution of Buck.

Gemmel Moore's mother and I have built a beautiful friendship because I lived similar experiences as her son did and even had a wealthy politico forcibly inject me with methamphetamine, then rape and leave me on the side of the road back in 2006.

My mother could have received the same call Ms. Nixon did on numerous occasions -- but I was one of the lucky ones. It's my personal mission to help her seek justice for her son because my perpetrator died in 2013 and I will never have that. However, I have my life; and with it a social responsibility drive accountability where needed. Ms. Nixon may have lost a son; but she most certainly gained a daughter in me -- as well as many other sons who refer to her as "Mama Tish."

LaTisha Nixon agreed to do an interview with The Advocate regarding the death of her son, the public's reaction, processing grief, and her quest for justice.

The Advocate: Who was the family-facing Gemmel; the one the world didn't get to see?
LaTisha Nixon: Gemmel was my oldest child and my heart. I was a single mom for sometime. He was like a father figure. He helped me alot with cleaning the house and cooking for his siblings as I worked 2 fulltime jobs.

When you received "the call" that Gemmel was found dead; what was the first thing that ran through your mind?
I couldn't believe it was true. I felt like it was a mistake because I had just seen him the same day he left -- which is the same day he died. I even spoke with him earlier in the day when he got to L.A.

There have been critics online who blamed you for Gemmel's death -- while questioning your motherhood. What would you like those people to know?
I won't allow anyone to blame me. I did nothing wrong. I always supported Gemmel and helped him whenever he asked. We lived in different states, but each time he asked to come home there was never an issue. He's my baby and he was always welcome home. Gemmel was just a private person. He was my child but he was still an adult; so I trusted he was doing what felt right for him.

You've received such an immense outpouring of love and support from several communities across the nation that are committed to your quest for justice. How does that make you feel?
I'm so very blessed and honored to have the full support of everyone who has stood with me and have been fighting hard to bring justice to my son and the other victims. Thank you!

You lost a son, yet your family is still expanding as you grieve through your loss. How did that come about?
Well as my Gemmel explained to me; many of the LGBTQIA people's family members turn their backs on them -- so they build their own families amongst themselves. After my son died many of them reached out to me. My son was brother to so many; and so they started calling me "Momma," which i don't mind. It actually makes me feel good.

Tell us your funniest Gemmel story.
Gemmel was so funny -- he had jokes! He always knew how to say the funniest things at the right time. My boys were all teenagers and we were living in Victorville, Calif. One day, we were on our way to San Bernardino and we were in the car listening to (rapper) E-40. My third son Eric kept saying, "oooowwww" and he wouldn't stop saying it. Gemmel got mad and told him to stop and they started arguing back and forth. Then Gemmel told my son, "Ya momma." They started laughing but then I got mad because he threw me under the bus!

What would you like to say to D.A. Jackie Lacey and Sheriff Alex Villanueva?
You were warned that if Ed Buck wasn't stopped, someone else was going to come up dead. Now a second man has died in his apartment, and you are still ignoring all the victims who have come forward and showed proof they were violated by Ed Buck. He needs to be stopped; arrest him.

For those who'd like to support you; what can they do to get involved?
Flood Jackie Lacey and Sherrif Alex Villanueva's offices with calls demanding they properly investigate the deaths of Gemmel Moore and Timothy Dean.

What words of encouragement would you give to other mothers who've experienced the loss of a child?
Personally, I stay busy. I constantly think of our good memories together and I laugh. I never blame myself and I hold on to my faith -- it helps me a lot. Don't hold your feelings in; talk about them and let it out.

If you could send a message directly to Ed Buck, what would it be?
Time is running out and your days as a free man are coming to an end. You are a monster and you have been exposed for exactly who and what you are. You victimized people you thought no one cared about -- but oh, were you wrong! You killed my baby and I can't wait until you are convicted and thrown in jail for the rest of your miserable years. You are the devil or at least a close friend of his.

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