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Trump Is Once Again Attacking Mexicans

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Trump is convinced TheNew York Times and Carlos Slim are involved in a Mexican conspiracy against him. 


Donald Trump can't seem to stop blaming Mexicans for his problems.

Sexual assault allegations? In Trump's world, it's all a Mexican conspiracy against him led by Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim. Slim is a shareholder in the parent company of The New York Times, and Trump seems giddy to exploit that connection for his own gain.

In a speech delivered Friday in Greensboro, N.C., Trump said, "No paper is more corrupt than the failing New York Times. The good news is it is failing, it won't be around too much longer. But they are really, really bad people."

The Republican presidential nominee then went on to imply that Carlos Slim was leading a conspiracy against him using the paper of record. Trump accused Slim and the Times of teaming up to bring him down. He used the fact that Slim has previously given money to the Clinton Foundation to justify his statements.

"The largest shareholder in the Times is Carlos Slim," Trump said. "Now, Carlos Slim, as you know, comes from Mexico. He's given many millions of dollars to the Clintons and their initiatives. So Carlos Slim, largest owner of the paper, from Mexico."

"Reporters at The New York Times, they're not journalists, they're corporate lobbyists for Carlos Slim and for Hillary Clinton," the candidate continued. "We're going to let foreign corporations and their CEO's decide the outcomes of the -- you just can't do this."

One thing that Trump chose to abstain from mentioning in his diatribe against Slim is that he has been involved in business dealings with the Mexican entrepreneur. Slim cut ties with the Republican nominee when he started going on the attack against Mexicans, calling them "rapists."

This isn't the first, second, or third time Trump has scapegoated Mexicans, and it won't be the last. Trump, for instance, has accused a U.S.-born judge of being unfit to his job because of his Mexican heritage.

Trump has been accused of hiring the very people -- undocumented immigrants -- he says he will deport. The Washington Post reported that many of the people working at Trump hotels are undocumented.

Slim has a net worth of about $47 billion, and has previously donated between $250,000 and $500,000 to the Clinton Foundation, reports Politico. The Mexican billionare owns a minority stake in the Times' parent company, but it is the Sulzberger family who controls it. Times publisher Arthur Sulzberger Jr. told TheWall Street Journal, "Carlos Slim is an excellent shareholder who fully respects boundaries regarding the independence of our journalism," adding, "He has never sought to influence what we report."

"This is totally false," Arturo Elias, a spokesman for Carlos Slim, told the Journal about Trump's allegations. "Of course we aren't interfering in the U.S. election. We aren't even active in Mexican politics." The Mexican billionaire's spokesman also told the Journal that Slim's donations to the Clinton Foundation are a matter of public record.

Trump is facing allegations from more than 10 women who claim that they were sexually harassed by the Republican presidential nominee. Trump continues to deny the allegations, calling the women "liars" and "unattractive."

Watch a clip of Trump delivering his statements against Slim below.

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Yezmin Villarreal

Yezmin Villarreal is the former news editor for The Advocate. Her work has also appeared in The Los Angeles Times, Mic, LA Weekly, Out Magazine and The Fader.
Yezmin Villarreal is the former news editor for The Advocate. Her work has also appeared in The Los Angeles Times, Mic, LA Weekly, Out Magazine and The Fader.