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Sam Champion Talks Extreme Weather and Climate Change

Weather isn't going to suddenly become less extreme, says the out meteorologist.

Weather Terror: The United Nations' Leader on Climate Change Weighs In

We've seen the hottest global temperatures ever recorded, wildfire smoke choking cities, and towns under water. The U.N.'s Hoesung Lee discusses what's being done to prevent catastrophe.

Dementia linked to pollution
Advocate Channel

An LGBTQ+ Climate Expert on the Future of Earth

Dr. Lisa Graumlich discusses the West Coast fires and other devastation caused by climate change.

HIV, Climate Change, and LGBTQ Equality: Parallel Causes

The world's fight is our fight.

Meet the Queer Kid Pushing for a Green New Deal

Idaho's 17-year-old climate activist Liam Neupert is a future LGBTQ leader we should all listen to.

On Earth Day, Two Youth Climate Activists Come Out

Two prominent climate activists share their coming out stories and discuss the intersections between queerness and climate change.