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Massachusetts Police Department Blames 'Hacker' for Anti-Transgender Post

The chief says the officer responsible for administrating the account was locked out.

Why Was This Gay Man Killed in His Kitchen?

Personal trainer Kawaski Trawick died at the hands of the NYPD. Activists say he would still be alive if trained mental health experts, and not cops responded to mental health calls.

Cop Posts Antigay Message, Quits Force, Does Right-Wing Media Tour

Jacob Kersey resigned from his position because he says he's afraid of repercussions from making future offensive posts.

White Cops Tackle, Arrest Black Gay TV Reporter During Press Conference

"This is what it's like to be a Black reporter in 2023," Evan Lambert said after being thrown to the ground and arrested for allegedly speaking too loudly at a press conference.


Transgender Woman Sues Colorado Sheriff's Office for Rights Violations

Juniper McGinn filed a lawsuit alleging that the El Paso County, Colo., Sheriff's Office mistreated and humiliated her during a body cavity search.

13-year-old With Bi Flag Arrested For Being Loud During Protest

Florida police charged the child with a misdemeanor for violating the state's newly instituted noise ordinance, according to the child's attorney.

S.F. Police, Mayor to Boycott Pride Due to Uniform Ban

Pride organizers will let police march but not in uniform -- and the cops say that's not good enough.

Attorney for Gay Shooting Victim Isiah Brown Files Lawsuit for $26M

Brown was shot eight times by a Virginia police officer while holding a phone.  

Bi Cop Sues Police Officers and Town Over Alleged Sexual Assault

Kristin Stein filed a lawsuit alleging widespread sexual harassment from her department, including being assaulted by her police partner. 

Female Cop Accused of Shooting Ex-Girlfriend, Killing Ex's New Lover

Authorities say there was a "good chance" the officer used her service weapon to shoot her ex-girlfriend and her ex-girlfriend's new partner.

FBI Report Finds Increase in Hate Crimes Against Transgender People

Last year saw the highest number of overall hate crimes in the United States since 2008, according to the FBI's data. 

Proud Boys' Straight Pride Ends In Fights and Arrests

A "Stand Against Hate" counter-protest was held nearby in response to the Proud Boys' rally. 

A Passionate Plea for — and Against — Police at Pride

Two important New York voices on whether cops belong in our celebration.

An Essential Reading List on Police and Pride

Some so-called experts say police belong at Pride, but this law librarian believes they need to do their homework.

The Legacy of George Floyd One Year After Police Killed Him

Have we made progress on equality and justice since Floyd was executed by an officer?