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Equality Act

The Equality Act of 2015 is a bill in the U.S. House of Representatives and the Senate that if passed would amend the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to include protections that ban discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity, and sex in the areas of employment, housing, public education, federal funding, and credit.

Did the Respect for Marriage Act Displace the Equality Act?

A longtime LGBTQ+ activist contemplates whether perfection really is the enemy of progress.

Anti-LGBTQ+ Discrimination Persists in the U.S.: Congressional Report

"The fight for equality in this country will not be over until we address all of these disparities and create true equity for the LGBTQ+ community," says U.S. Rep. David Cicilline.

Liz Cheney Ousted from Congress, Leaves Mixed Record on LGBTQ+ Issues

Cheney lost Tuesday's Republican primary for the U.S. House seat from Wyoming to a Trump-backed candidate.

GLAAD Finds Sharp Rise in Discrimination Against LGBTQ+ Americans

The findings are disturbing but not surprising, given anti-LGBTQ+ activity in state legislatures.

Why Passing the ERA Is as Critical to LGBTQ+ Folks as the Equality Act

Fifty years ago today, Congress passed the Equal Rights Amendment, which could help shore up rights for queer people along with current legislation. 

More Than 500 U.S. Companies Support Passage of Equality Act

New members of HRC's Business Coalition for the Equality Act include Edward Jones, REI, Honeywell, McDonald's, Harley-Davidson, and more.

Kyrsten Sinema Gets More Heat Over Her Support for Filibuster

More than 50 Arizona LGBTQ+ activists and allies call on the Human Rights Campaign to urge Sinema to back filibuster reform so that key legislation can move forward.

Aiyana’s Chances Are Slim, But Congress Can Save Her

While Congress waffles on the Equality Act, LGBTQ+ youth suffer.

President Biden's Pride Proclamation Highlights Anti-Trans Violence

Exclusive: Biden officially proclaimed June 2021 as LGBTQ+ Pride Month, calling for action on the Equality Act and against deadly transphobia.

A Plea for the Equality Act From the Mom of a Trans Daughter

Knowing your child faces legal discrimination is a silent agony for many parents.

Over 400 Major Businesses Endorse Equality Act, LGBTQ+ Civil Rights

Dozens of Fortune 500 companies are urging Congress to pass the LGBTQ+ civil rights legislation.

What Senate Majority Leader Schumer Is Saying About the Equality Act

The New York Senator talks about the current chances of the LGBTQ+ legislation -- and how we can help pass it. 

New Coalition Promotes Passage of Equality Act

The Equality Act would improve "the lives of millions of LGBTQ people in this country and our families," says Kierra Johnson, executive director of the National LGBTQ Task Force Action Fund.

50 Years a Scapegoat: LGBTQ+ Community Once Again in GOP Crosshairs

"Immorality," "sanctity of marriage," "men in women's bathrooms," now "boys competing with girls" -- when will Republicans stop exploiting hate against us?

Trans Teen Stars in Equality Act Hearing, Lindsey Graham Gets Schooled

Stella Keating testified eloquently in favor of the LGBTQ+ rights bill, while Alphonso David stood up to the South Carolina senator's distortions.

Transphobic Voices Elevated in Media Coverage of Equality Act

Several media outlets failed to include any LGBTQ+ voices, while some quoted transphobic rhetoric without context, a GLAAD analysis finds.

Rep. Angie Craig: The Equality Act Is Personal for Me

The first lesbian mom and wife to serve in Congress explains how the pro-LGBTQ+ legislation will benefit all women.

New Anti-LGBTQ+ Coalition Calls Equality Act a Threat to Children

The Promise to America's Children has many far-right groups and activists as supporters, including Penny Young Nance (pictured) of Concerned Women for America.

Two Republicans Backed Equality Act in 2019, Rejected It in 2021

Reps. Mario Diaz-Balart and Elise Stefanik voted against the pro-LGBTQ+ bill two years after embracing it.