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European Union

Terrorist Attack on Vienna Pride Parade Thwarted

Three young people sympathetic to the so-called Islamic State were arrested in connection with an alleged plot to attack a Vienna Pride celebration.

Copenhagen’s Mayor Blasted U.S. Counterpart Over Anti-LGBTQ+ Moves

She said that if the American town wanted to live up to its claim to be Danish, they’d be much more welcoming to the LGBTQ+ community..

World Cup Officials Won't Allow Players to Wear Pro-LGBTQ+ Armbands

FIFA threatened to penalize players for wearing antidiscrimination armbands during the World Cup in Qatar, a nation that criminalizes homosexuality. 

Terrorist Who Killed 2 at Gay Bar Inspired by Buffalo Shooter

Police officials in Slovakia have reclassified a shooting at a popular LGBTQ+ bar as an act of hate-inspired terrorism.

Canadian Trans Twitch Streamer Keffals Escapes to Europe for Safety

Popular transgender activist and content creator Clara Sorrenti, known online as Keffals, has been under attack for weeks.

'Less Drag Queens, More Chuck Norris' Says Hungary's Viktor Orbán

The authoritarian prime minister of Hungary served up anti-LGBTQ+ and Christian right rhetoric at the Conservative Political Action Conference.

The World’s First Out Gay Head Of State Appointed in San Marino

Paolo Rondelli has been named one of the two captains regent, or heads of state, in the world's oldest republic.

Anti-LGBTQ+ Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán Cruises to Huge Election Victory

The right-wing leader and champion of illiberal democracy cemented his hold on parliament, but some are questioning if the election was fair.

Museum Showcases Queer Relationships in the Animal Kingdom

Same-sex behavior has been observed in about 1,500 species, including dolphins, rams, and bonobos.

Santa Stars in Gay Love Story in Postal Service Christmas Ad

The ad from Norway feels like a queer holiday miracle.

Olly Alexander Defends LGBTQ+ Rights in Homophobic Hungary at MTV EMAs

Other celebrities also stood up for LGBTQ+ rights at the event, which took place in Budapest, Hungary. The country's government has passed a series of anti-LGBTQ+ laws in recent years.

3 Polish Regions End ‘LGBT-Free Zones’ in Money Grabbing Effort

The European Union has threatened to withhold funding for the almost 100 cities, towns, and provinces that previously made the declaration. 

Polish Region Reaffirms Anti-LGBTQ+ Zone as EU Demands Rebuke

The European Union said it will withhold billions in funding from the council if the "Anti-LGBT Zone" resolution is not revoked. 

Hungary Passes Law Banning LGBTQ+ Content For Minors

Over 5,000 people protested in front of Parliament against the new law on Monday.