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Glenn Greenwald

David Miranda, Gay Politician and Husband of Journalist Glenn Greenwald, Dies at 37

Greenvwald announced his husband’s passing on Twitter to an outpouring of support.

Right, Left React to Scalia's Death

Ted Cruz, Evan Wolfson, and more weigh in, with some snark coming from Glenn Greenwald.

Bad Review: Neil Patrick Harris Joke Called 'Pitiful'

Gay journalist Glenn Greenwald called Neil Patrick Harris's quip about Edward Snowden "stupid and irresponsible."

U.K. Court: Police Acted Properly in Detaining Journalist's Partner

The detention of investigative journalist Glenn Greenwald's partner, David Miranda, was appropriate under U.K. law, a court rules. Miranda vows to appeal.

Glenn Greenwald Announces New Magazine, Focusing on NSA Documents

The out journalist teamed up with his fellow freedom of information advocates to publish a new digital magazine through First Look Media.

Enemy of the State

How Glenn Greenwald is taking on the world, and why he'll never stop.

WATCH: Anderson Cooper Interviews Greenwald and Partner

Glenn Greenwald and his partner, David Miranda, talk about the 'terrorizing' act of Miranda's recent detainment.

Glenn Greenwald Not Intimidated by Partner's Detainment

The partner of a Guardian reporter who's been covering the Edward Snowden NSA leaks was detained for nine hours at London's Heathrow Airport under presumed 'counter-terrorism' efforts.

Glenn Greenwald Can’t Live in the U.S.

The gay columnist who broke the story revealing NSA spying methods chooses not to live in the U.S. because his marriage isn't recognized by the federal government.

Op-ed: WikiLeaks, the NSA, Ellen Sturtz, and the Case For Dissent

Activist movements weren't built on the shoulders of those who were best known for being polite.