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WATCH: Anderson Cooper Interviews Greenwald and Partner

WATCH: Anderson Cooper Interviews Greenwald and Partner


Glenn Greenwald and his partner, David Miranda, talk about the 'terrorizing' act of Miranda's recent detainment.

Guardian reporter Glenn Greenwald and his partner, David Miranda, spoke with Anderson Cooper last night in the first interview since Miranda was detained at a U.K. airport earlier this week.

The 28-year-old Miranda recounted how, after exiting a plane at Heathrow Airport on Sunday, he was confronted by two officers, who confiscated his electronics, including a laptop and a cell phone, and escorted him to a private room. The officials then informed Miranda that he was being held under section 7 of England's Terrorism Act of 2000 and that his refusal to answer questions could result in imprisonment.

"They didn't ask me anything about terrorism, not one question about it," said Miranda, who added that the officials grilled him with questions about his partner. "I was in there for eight hours without talking to anybody outside," he said, adding that he feared he would be detained indefinitely.

Miranda had been in Berlin for a week visiting Laura Poitras, a documentary filmmaker who has also been helping to disseminate information leaked by Edward Snowden, a National Security Agency contractor who had been assisting Greenwald's reporting. It seems the Guardian paid for the trip and Miranda was returning to Rio de Janeiro, where he lives with Greenwald.

Greenwald called the actions of the officials "terrorizing," and stated that the detainment gives them more reason to continue their work.

"It's not going to stop our reporting," Greenwald told Cooper. "It didn't do them any good. All it did, as I said this week, is give them a huge black eye in the world, make them look thuggish and authoritarian ... and really quite dumb."

Watch the interview below.

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