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Grey's Anatomy

Jake Borelli on Why Grey's Anatomy's Gay Blood Ban Story Is Personal

The actor, who came out publicly around the same time as his character Levi a few years ago, is proud the show will shine a light on the discriminatory policies around gay men and sex. 

Grey's Anatomy Character Laments Years 'Wasted' to Gay Shame

Dr. Levi Schmitt (Jake Borelli) delivered a tearful monologue on a reckoning sparked by the pandemic on the ABC medical drama.

Why a 'Grey's Anatomy' Character Meant the World to Me

The departure of "Arizona" has left some fans bereft, especially the LGBTQ people she helped inspire. 

Grey's Boss Rebuts Notion That Jessica Capshaw's Exit Is Due to Pompeo's Raise

News broke that beloved actress Capshaw, who played the history-making lesbian character Arizona, has been cut from Grey's Anatomy, and the internet blamed it on lead Ellen Pompeo's raise. 

13 Tweets From @DonaldJGayTrump That Give Us Life

Who is doing this?