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Gun Control

Karine Jean-Pierre Says Biden Is Fully Engaged on Gun Control

The president is using his "bully pulpit" to persuade Congress to act, Jean-Pierre said in the wake of another mass shooting this weekend.

X González on Fighting Gun Violence and Coming Out as Nonbinary

The activist, a survivor of the Parkland, Fla., shooting, details what their work accomplished and the personal toll it took.

Americans Bought 150 Million Guns in the Past Decade
Advocate Channel
Remembering Sandy Hook Victims 10 Years Later
Advocate Channel

Club Q Shooting: An Egregious Attack on a Sacred Queer Space

LGBTQ+ bars are sacred institutions in our community, places where we go to feel joy and be ourselves -- and that makes the Club Q tragedy all the more horrific.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Uses Gay Club Mass Shooting to Lie About Drugs

And, naturally, to argue against gun control.

Alex Jones Liable for Nearly $1 Billion in Sandy Hook Defamation Case

The anti-LGBTQ+, anti-gun control, and generally outrageous commentator had claimed the mass shooting at the elementary school was a hoax.

New Report Sheds Light on Gun Violence in LGBTQ+ Lives

Every day, 69 hate crimes involve a gun. 

Marjorie Taylor Greene Tweets More Anti-LGBTQ+, Pro-Gun Propaganda

The Republican Georgia congresswoman claims, among other things, that gun control laws are a way to keep conservatives from fighting "the trans agenda."

Gun Violence Generates Panic Across America on Independence Day

There were more than a dozen mass shootings across the United States over the July 4 holiday weekend.

Proud Boys Terrorize Drag Queen Story Hour in Nevada

A member of the Proud Boys approached the group of children at a public library with a rifle, causing them to scatter and scream.

Lock and Vote: What You Can Do to Stop Gun Deaths in America

There are simple actions we all can take to prevent more carnage.

‘Face of the Gun Control Movement’ Mark Glaze Dead at 51

The gay activist had become a notable leader in the gun control movement following the mass shooting at an elementary school in Newtown, Conn.

Biden Marks Pulse Anniversary With Call to Action

We must do more than remember the tragedy, the president says; we must address gun violence and anti-LGBTQ+ hate.

Pulse Survivor Brandon Wolf: Stop Accepting Gun Violence

Wolf discusses gun safety reform, his recent meeting with Biden, and what the media gets wrong about mass shootings.

On Pulse Anniversary, a Call for LGBTQ+ Support for Gun Reform

LGBTQ+ and gun safety groups join to point out how gun violence affects our community and how we can address it.

Why Pulse Survivor Brandon Wolf is Optimistic About Gun Reform

Wolf says it is the younger generation that will "create sweeping change sooner than people think."

New Zealand Passed Gun Control In Days, Pulse Survivors Still Waiting

Six days after a Christchurch shooting left 50 dead, new laws passed. Nearly three years after Pulse shooting left 49 dead, no such luck.

Queer Activists Cautiously Optimistic About Gun Control Win

The Democrat-controlled House approved background check legislation, the first major gun control bill to pass the chamber since 1994.