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Halloween, West Hollywood-Style

Halloween, West Hollywood-Style


Photographer and artist Miguel Angel Reyes trained his lens on the costume trends at the West Hollywood Halloween bash.

Artsist, photographer, and handsome man about town Miguel Angel Reyes always gets the best Halloween images. And Halloween in balmy West Hollywood is like no other. See his exceptional catches below and on the following pages.


Sure, I'll take two. Two what?

Mar02x633_0 Assorted heros.

Mar19x633_0 A gross of the Caramel Delites please.

Mar03x633_0 OK, a wig is not a costume, but we are feeling forgiving.

Mar04x633_0 Football fan-dads.

Mar05x633_0 There is a long story here, we're sure.

Mar06x633_0 Bridging the gap between leather man and nerd with giant pecs.

Mar08x633_0 OK, it seems everyone here is so

Mar09x633_0 Troll Doll dolls.

Mar10x633_0 Shorter skirts than the nuns allow. Do those he,s touch the floor when you are kneeling? Perhaps you'd both better get down on your knees and show us.

Mar11x633_0 Slash fiction.

Mar12x633_0 Whoa!

Mar13x633_0 Smokin' hot bunny.

Mar14x633_0 Perhaps you can demonstrate some holds?

Mar15x633_0 Are we not men?

Mar16x633_0 Super-b.

Mar17x633_0 Big, hot, messy babies.

Mar18x633_0 OK, we're running out of captions here. Just enjoy the abs, alright?

Mar20x633_0 Made you look.

Mar21x633_0 Kilt-faced.


Above, Miguel Angel Reyes, flanked by his back up dancers.

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