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Halloween, with roots in a Celtic harvest festival, has distinct appeal for queer people. It's one of the few times a year when we visually express ourselves in any way we dream or desire. This October, The Advocate brings you continuing coverage of Halloween from an LGBT perspective, including costume ideas, pop culture references, and spooky slideshows of events across the country.

Brandon Flynn Talks 'Hellraiser' & Why His Role Is a Dream Come True

Plus, the star is exclusively opening up on his success after 13 Reasons Why with The Advocate.

Majority of Gays Are Possessed by Ghosts, So-Called Study Says

Possession by a spirit of the opposite sex causes same-sex attraction, according to a bizarre study by a group called the Spiritual Science Research Foundation.

The Hottest Gay Halloween Party Was on a Yacht Cruising Around NYC

The Ghostship gala would give even the biggest homebody FOMO.

109 Pics of WeHo Carnival, the World's Biggest Queer Halloween Party

The annual parade in West Hollywood had looks so good they could kill. Literally. 

Kristen Stewart's Sublimely Queer Explanation of Her Halloween Costume

The Charlie's Angels star appeared on Jimmy Fallon's show as a dead baseball player -- with caveats. 

113 Shots of Halloween Hotties at Sidetrack Chicago

The gay bar thew ghoulish events for over a week. 

Meet the 25 Divas of Halloween Who Define the Holiday

From institutions like Sarah Michelle Gellar and Jamie Lee Curtis to the women behind the camera, here are the divas of Halloween you must never forget

16 Horror Films Only LGBTQ People Truly Understand

These flicks will frighten you, but not scare you straight.

Dad Claps Back at Homophobic Troll Who Insulted His Daughter Online

An online troll said letting a little girl dress as Thor would make her a lesbian. Her father said that's fine.

106 Pics of Every Fantasy at West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval

Maybe you are a victorious gladiator, or Captain America, or even an oiled up Tongan flag bearer at the Olympics.

A Few Twisted Pics of Philly's Halloqweens Bash

Rated as one of the best Halloween parties in the world, Philly's LGBTQ Halloqweens party is delightfully dope.

Hoda Kotb Dons Elton John Drag for Halloween

The NBC anchor still standing after first solo costume reveal.