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#HollywoodSoStraight is a series of op-eds and interviews examining how the entertainment industry both advances and undermines LGBT rights. Directors, actors, producers, writers, and showrunners discuss real and perceived bias at every level, from the casting room to box-office representation. Other topics include the glass closet, "transface," and the erasure of queer people of color.

Can Straight Actors Play Gay? There's a 'Spectrum,' Says Jim Parsons

The Boys in the Band star weighs in on a casting controversy.

Viggo Mortensen Suggests He May Not Be 'Completely Straight'

"Maybe I am, maybe I'm not," the Falling actor said after questions of gayface.

NYT List of 21st Century's 'Greatest Actors' Omits Out LGBTQ+ People

However, many on the list are renowned for gay roles.


Twitter Is Tired of Hollywood's Gayface

The outraged reactions to the casting of a straight actor, Jack Whitehall, in Disney's first clearly gay role mark a turning point in what's tolerated.

52 Straight People Who Nabbed Oscar Noms for LGBT Roles

Being an actor may be the only time playing LGBT pays off.

Don't Forget Roxane Gay (and Queer Superheroes), Hollywood!

The bisexual writer of World of Wakanda reflects on queer erasure, representation, and the media reaction to her lack of invitation to the Black Panther premiere.

Evan Rachel Wood Drags Ben Affleck's Squeamish 'Gay Kiss' Remark

The bisexual Westworld actress had a strong response to the Oscar winner's claim that kissing another man is the world's greatest thespian feat.

It Took Bryan Fuller 14 Years to Get a Clearly Gay Character on TV

At Outfest, the gay writer and producer discussed how shows like Dead Like Me and Wonderfalls had been "hetwashed" over the course of his career.

Trans Actors Ask Hollywood for Roles With Dignity and Depth in Open Letter

Trace Lysette, Ian Harvie, Alexandra Billings, and more implore the entertainment industry to "make us real people" in film and television.

GLAAD Report: Hollywood Studios Still Failing in LGBT Representation

The latest Studio Responsibility Index shows only a marginal increase in LGBT roles, which need massive improvements in their quality.

The Real O'Neals' Cancellation Is a Real Loss for Gay Visibility

The ABC comedy centering on a gay teen has been axed after two seasons.

Sense8 Shattered Hollywood's Glass Closet With a Kiss

A gay actor gives a moving speech about the power of coming out at Sao Paulo Pride on the Netflix series.

Moonlight May Win at Oscars, But Out Actors Still Lose

Year after year, the Academy fails to nominate out actors. Why?

Hate Trump, Hollywood? Then Destroy the Glass Closet

The entertainment industry must confront its own biases and broadcast as much LGBT acceptance as possible in the wake of the election.

Should Hollywood End Red-State Erasure?

Chad Hodge, cocreator of TNT's Good Behavior, discusses why Hollywood's diversity conversation must include Trump voters.

Jill Soloway: Queer People Must 'Create Our Own Propaganda' (Video)

Television is propaganda, argued the Transparent creator, who said we must "create our own propaganda with queer people at the center" at the TransNation Festival.

The Year's Best Film Is About Black Gay Love

Moonlight is a tour de force that captures the beauty and intimacy of one man's coming of age as a queer person of color.

Art Mirrors Life in The Real O’Neals Premiere

The Advocate spoke with out star Noah Galvin about coming-out lessons in the real world as well as the ABC show.

From L Word to Empire: Ilene Chaiken Has Changed TV Twice

The out showrunner of Empire and creator of The L Word discusses anti-LGBT discrimination in Hollywood, animal rights, and her relationship with her wife, LouAnne.