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A homosexual is simply described as a person who is romantically attracted to someone of the same gender. Here on The Advocate, however, we know that it means so much more. The Advocate magazine brings you a wider variety of stories of what it means to be a homosexual person in today's society, both for the famous artists to the average person. From the prejudice encountered in the work place, school, or even doctor's office, to the acceptance and love given by family, friends, and society.

Weatherman Erick Adame Opens Up About Exposing Himself Online, His Firing, and His Future

In an exclusive interview with The Advocate, the out former meteorologist is revealing unheard details the night he went live on a webcam.

Gallup: 1 in 5 Gen Z Adults Identifies as LGBTQ+

The analytics firm says it expects the number of LGBTQ-identifying Americans to increase to more than 10 percent in the near future.

Study: Straight People Might Be More Sexually Fluid Than They Think

After reading informational texts on sexuality, some of the study's straight participants said they were more likely to identify as "non-exclusively heterosexual."

25 Shots From the Ultimate Leather Magazine

Drummer was the largest American leather publication. Now it's back and nastier than ever.

3 Reasons Mike Pence Is (Probably) Gay

Comedian Dana Goldberg on why she thinks the VP is in the closet.

Being Gay Is Still A Crime in Sri Lanka

Supporters of decriminalization lost to anti-LGBT groups that declare, "We will not let these mother f--king dogs ruin our culture."

On God's Behalf, Neb. Woman Sues All 'Homosexuals'

She also wants a federal judge to determine, once and for all, 'is homosexuality a sin, or not a sin?'

From 'Intellectual Homosexual' to 'Cootie Catcher'

A new solo show chronicles a young gay man's struggle to say sex-positive and HIV-negative.

'A Sacrilegious Lesbian and Homosexual Parade' to Roll in NYC

Brian Fleming's Irish hit toasts the St Pat's For All parade, an all-inclusive alternative to New York's annual St. Patrick's Day march.

Jehovah's Witness Leader Warns About Gay Fashion Designers

A member of the church's Governing Body proscribed tight-fitting attire for both men and women and suggested that gay fashion designers were to blame for the "metrosexual" look for men.

Fox News Clings to Term 'Homosexual' in Covering LGBT Issues

Despite a shift to other terminology by most news outlets, Fox persists in its use of 'homosexual' when covering stories about gays and lesbians.

NYT Trend Story: The Word 'Homosexual' Is Offensive

The newspaper was apparently way ahead of this trend, deciding back in 1987 not to use "homosexual" in place of gay or lesbian.