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Nearly 20% of LGBT Renters Owe Back Rent, Half of Those Fear Eviction

LGBT people are much more likely to rent their homes rather than own them, compared to straight and cisgender individuals.

HUD Affirms LGBTQ-Inclusive Policy, Withdraws Anti-Trans Proposal

The Biden administration continues to reverse the former president's hostile policies.

Biden Administration Bans Anti-LGBTQ+ Discrimination in Housing

The Department of Housing and Urban Development is the first agency to implement President Biden's executive order against such discrimination.

LGBTQ+ Americans Like Me Still Face Constant Discrimination

Without the Equality Act, we can -- and will -- be denied apartments, services, and opportunities.

This Organization Is Building Tiny Homes for Trans Women of Color

My Sistah's House is helping to ease the housing crisis in the trans community, one home at a time. But that's only the beginning of a much larger dream. 

True Colors, Others Counter Trump's Attack on Homeless Trans People

The groups are calling on the public to raise objections to a plan to let shelters discriminate against trans clients.

HUD Seeks to Allow Discrimination Against Homeless Trans People

Under a proposed rule announced by Ben Carson, federally funded shelters could turn away trans people or force them into unsafe situations.

Trump Is Making Anti-LGBTQ Housing Discrimination Worse, Activists Say

Witnesses testified about the problem before a congressional committee -- and noted that housing homeless trans women with other women is no big deal.

Bipartisan Bill Seeks LGBTQ Housing Protections

The Fair and Equal Housing Act of 2019 would protect against discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity.

Finding an Apartment or House Is Often Scary When You're LGBTQ

Housing discrimination is something nearly all LGBTQ people have experienced or feared. It's also legal in about half the country.

Texas College Student Faces Antigay Housing Discrimination

Kaj Baker was told she made others feel "uncomfortable" in her dorm, and that she can't have visitors due to her sexual orientation. 

'Inside Out London' Focuses on Housing for LGBTQ Elders

The BBC One show details Jude Watson's effort to create safe, supportive housing for older LGBTQ people.

Court: Landlords Must Protect Tenants From Homophobic Harassment

The decision from a federal appeals court comes in the case of a lesbian who says she was physically and verbally assaulted other tenants at her senior housing facility.

Married Lesbian Couple Rejected From Senior Home

Mary Walsh and Bev Nance are suing St. Louis's Friendship Village over its discriminatory cohabitation policy.

HUD Rewrites History in Trump’s 'Fake News' Administration

There are very real repercussions when departments like Housing and Urban Development drop their commitment to fair policies.

Wake Up, Ben Carson: Sen. Elizabeth Warren Will Tell You How It Is

"The president-elect is hiding his business interests from you, from me, from the rest of the country," Sen. Elizabeth Warren told the neurosurgeon turned nominee for Housing and Urban Development. 

Donald Trump Has Not Been Good to Black Renters

If Donald Trump is good for "the blacks," good must not mean providing equal access to housing.

New HUD Rule Strengthens Protections for Trans People in Shelters

The federal agency wants to make sure trans people are housed according to their gender identity.

The Housing Crisis: The Civil Rights Issue of Our Time

Places like West Hollywood and Hell's Kitchen are pricing out the LGBT people they once welcomed. James Duke Mason says the insanely high cost of urban living receives scant attention from leaders and activists.