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Read the latest news about intersex issues.

The U.S. House Passes Anti-Transgender Sports Bill

The Senate is unlikely to bring the legislation to a vote.

Some of Us Weren’t 'Fixed,' and the Results Were Fantastic

"Today I'd like to highlight the fact that intersex people are much more than just the medical procedures that we are often subjected to."

Biden Administration, Advocacy Groups Mark Intersex Awareness Day

On Intersex Awareness Day, many people wear yellow and purple.


Bill Banning Unnecessary Surgeries on Intersex Children Fails

The California state bill didn't have enough support to pass its first policy committee.


Violent Mob Savagely Tortures Intersex Person for Hours

The Cameroonian woman reportedly had rejected the group's advances before they attacked her. 

New Olympic Guidelines Aim for Greater Trans Inclusion

The International Olympic Committee's new framework scraps blanket testosterone limits in favor of letting each sport's governing body determine eligibility for trans and intersex athletes. 

Intersex People Can No Longer Be Sidelined in the LGBTQ+ Movement

Intersex people make up nearly 2 percent of the population -- why are their lives so often invisible?

Biden Admin Is 'Committed' to Protecting Intersex People's Rights

The statement comes on Intersex Awareness Day as a D.C.-based organization found almost 90 percent of U.S. LGBTQ+ intersex people report that they've faced discrimination from a health care provider.

State Department: Gender-Neutral Passports Coming

The department doesn't have a target date for when the gender-neutral marker will be available, but it is already making self-selection of other gender markers easier.

Pride Flag Gets Redesign to Include Intersex Folks

The Pride flag's original designer advocated for its evolution over the years. The last few years have seen several changes. 

Biden’s LGBTQ+ Efforts Disregard the 'I'

Don't let this administration leave the intersex community behind.

Joe and Kamala: Don’t Leave Intersex People Behind

The new administration must include intersex equality in their LGBTQ+ policy objectives.

Groundbreaking Intersex Film 'Ponyboi' Is Now Available to Stream

The first-of-its-kind short film centers the experiences of an intersex person struggling to navigate love, sex, identity, and survival. 

Court Orders State Dept. to Reconsider Passport for Intersex Vet

Dana Zzyym wants a passport with an X gender marker, which the State Department has refused to issue during a five-year court battle.

Massachusetts Shows Us What We Must Do Next for Intersex Rights

The Massachusetts Medical Society takes a stand against doing intersex surgery without patients' consent, but other groups need to follow suit, writes Kimberly Zieselman.

Learning I’m Intersex Changed My Life — By Telling Me I’m Not Broken

My body is not broken by a medical condition, it is a beautiful variant on an ever-expansive spectrum.

8 Misconceptions, Myths About Being Intersex Debunked

Here are some top myths that I hope our queer allies from other letters will help us bust. 

Meet One of the Nation's First Intersex Politicians

Kathy Ottersten made history last year, and vows to continue fighting for the underdog in not only their state but around the world. 

Bias Against Caster Semenya Shows Measuring 'Womanhood' Is Impossible

Sporting officials need to stop using testosterone as the final word on gender.

Was One of George Washington's Generals Intersex?

The newest episode of America's Hidden Stories delves into the mystery.