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Jeb Bush

Jeb Bush Endorses Ted Cruz

The former Governor of Florida endorses Ted Cruz for president and calls Donald Trump "divisive." 

There Will Not Be a Third President Bush (This Time)

The brother and son of presidents has abandoned his bid for the Republican nomination after a dismal showing in the first three contests of the campaign.

GOP DEBATE: Supreme Court Vacancy Takes Center Stage

Most of the candidates said the next president, not Obama, should appoint Antonin Scalia's successor. They also had some notable fights among themselves.

GOP DEBATE: Candidates Slam Trump, Dems, Each Other

They also vied for who's most religious and toughest on illegal immigration.

GOP DEBATE: Cruz, Trump, and Others Clash

It was a contentious evening in South Carolina, and it saw Cruz finally define 'New York values,' which include support for things he opposes, like marriage equality.

WATCH: Trump Mocked as Gender Bully in SNL Skit

Saturday Night Live comically portrayed Donald Trump as a bully who mocked Jeb Bush and accused him of being assigned female at birth. 

Six GOP Candidates Pledge to Discriminate

The candidates are endorsing the First Amendment Defense Act, which would prohibit the federal government from stopping discrimination by people or businesses.

GOP Debate: Trump Clashes With Bush, Pledges Loyalty

Donald Trump says he won't run outside the party structure, as does Ben Carson, in a foreign policy debate marked by many contentious moments.

WATCH: 4 Things We Learned from the GOP Debate

Spoiler alert: If elected, Republicans would repeal everything.

WATCH: Out Politician's Must-See Campaign Video

It's certainly not George, Laura, or Barbara.

Jeb Bush Supports LGBT Rights (Sorta)

The former Florida Governor just became the most pro-LGBT Republican presidential candidate.

Jeb Bush Doesn't See A Problem With Open Trans Service

At a small campaign gathering in Iowa, the newly announced Republican presidential candidate said he believes there's a job for everyone in the military.

Jeb Bush Finally Admits He's Running for President

With a sigh, the former Florida governor said the words he's been holding back for months: He's running for president.