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You Won't Believe Who Bought


A gay man from Austin who waged an unsuccessful campaign for City Council has bought the domain name for Jeb Bush's latest campaign slogan.

Jimmy Flannigan's purchase of is certainly not an endorsement of the former Florida governor's presidential campaign. Flannigan is a Democrat (unlike Bush) and feels that Bush stole the slogan he used for his campaign last year, when he narrowly lost to antigay politician Don Zimmerman.

Flannigan explains more on the site: 

My campaign slogan during the race was “Flannigan Can Fix It”, complete with website and signage that we later placed all over the district. Our campaign video (and pop-up video version) helped promote the message online that I would be able to fix the problems in District 6.

Fixing problems facing a community is exactly what local government does. It’s not what a President does. Local government works to fix potholes, fix zoning and neighborhood land use, fix affordability problems for homeowners and renters. Presidents are supposed to lead the nation on large and long-term policy matters and diplomacy.

With Jeb launching his “Jeb Can Fix It” tour because he thinks he can “fix” the problems facing America, I challenge him to at least do a “fix it” video better than I did for my city council race!

During the campaign, Flannigan spun the slogan into an inventive, nearly six-minute-long video that was made without edits. Maybe he has a future in Hollywood?

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