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Jodie Foster

Jodie Foster has some praise for Gen Z while applauding Bella Ramsey's 'authenticity'

Jodie Foster may have some problems with Gen Z, but the "authenticity" brought by young stars like Bella Ramsey is something she greatly admires.

Jodie Foster on the Special Bonds of Lesbian Friendships and Annette Bening on Pushing Herself in 'Nyad'

Before receiving Golden Globe nominations for their roles in Nyad, the Hollywood icons discussed the film's themes of friendship, resilience, and defying limits.

Jodie Foster Makes 'True Detective' Debut in First Clips

Foster and Kali Reis make up the first all-women detective team on the HBO franchise.

Jodie Foster, Wanda Sykes, and Tig Notaro Vie to Play Batgirl

Conan played with casting a lesbian as Batgirl, and it sounds like a good idea! 

Jodie Foster Returns to the Big Screen

After a five year break, the actress and queer icon stars in Hotel Artemis.

Jodie Foster Reprises Clarice Starling to Help Mueller Investigate Trump

Foster played her iconic role opposite Stephen Colbert's scarily good Hannibal Lecter. And she elaborated on election night 2016's "screaming of the lambs" moment.

Jodie Foster: 'This Is Our Time to Resist'

The out actress delivered a rousing call to activism at United Voices, a pre-Oscars rally in support of civil rights.

Jodie Foster: Women Execs Partly to Blame for Lack of Female Directors

The lack of women helming big-budget movies is due to Hollywood’s long-term “neglect,” and female executives have been part of the problem, says the out filmmaker.