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LGBTQ+ History Month’s Founder Urges Unity Over Division

Rodney Wilson, the educator who envisioned LGBTQ+ History Month, delves into evolving inclusivity, tackling exclusionary trends, and the dire need for continuous education amid a changing political landscape.

Democrats Introduce Bills to Create National LGBTQ+ History and Culture Museum

Legislation was introduced to establish a dedicated museum within the Smithsonian Institution, which garnered broad support from the Congressional Equality Caucus.

How LGBTQ+ History Month Began

It went from a teacher’s vision to a global celebration.

Judy Garland, the 'First Brick' and More: Debunking the Myths of Stonewall

Here's what really happened that night in June 1969, according to one of the original protesters.

22 Queer Couples Through History

It may be the love that once dared not speak its name, but it has always existed.

Before Stonewall: The Women's House of Detention Changed Queer History

The historian Hugh Ryan will change how you think about our history.

'Enough is Enough' 10 LGBTQ+ Elders Share Their Words of Wisdom

Miss Major Griffin-Gracy, Cleve Jones, and Kate Bornstein talk about the past, present, and future of our movement. 

Sen. Tammy Baldwin Looks Back On Being 'The First' Throughout Career

Senator Baldwin is the first out LGBTQ+ person elected to the U.S. Senate.

Ivy Bottini: Listen to the Pioneering Lesbian's Last Known Interview

"I find death is a big waste of time...if you're a productive human being, why do you have to leave?" Bottini asks on the LGBTQ&A podcast.

What Trans Elder Miss Major Griffin-Gracy Wants You to Know

At 80, the celebrated elder looks back on how much the trans experience has changed over the years.

The Secret to Stonewall Veteran Mark Segal's Activism: Humor

"I want to be visible. I've fought for visibility and I will remain visible," the Philadelphia-based activist says.

Tracey 'Africa' Norman Looks Back on Her Legendary Modeling Career

"I'm 68 years old. I'm proud to have lived this long and still being relevant," says Norman.

Celebrate LGBTQ+ History Month With Rainbow Sofas From Apt2B

Apt2B donated rainbow sofas to LGBTQ+ centers around Los Angeles, and now you can bring them home.

Ritchie Torres Is About to Make LGBTQ+ History in Congress

"You're about to have the gayest Congress in the history of the United States," the New Yorker says.

The Politics of Caring for Our Queer Elders

Those who we owe the most to in the LGBTQ community are precisely the people who today are most often silenced. 

Before Stonewall, There Was The Black Cat Protest

The organizer of the 1967 Black Cat protest, Alexei Romanoff recalls the details of the watershed moment for LGBTQ rights. 

The Advocate's 1969 Article on The Stonewall Riots

The Advocate's September 1969 article colorfully chronicles the tumultuous Stonewall riots, known as the major spark that ignited the modern gay rights movement.