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Loving v. Virginia

Loving. v. Virginia is a landmark Supreme Court case from 1967 that prohibited laws preventing interracial marriage across the United States. Every year on June 12, "Loving Day" is celebrated in memory of the historic case.

How an Interracial Couple’s 'Criminal' Marriage Changed Gay Life

Loving tells the story of an interracial couple who took their struggle for equality to the Supreme Court.

Is This Love Story the Next Best Picture Winner? (Video)

A relationship that took on the Supreme Court -- and paved the way for same-sex marriage -- is the basis of Jeff Nichols's Loving.

11 Best Moments From the Marriage Argument Everyone's Talking About

Lawyers defending Indiana and Wisconsin's bans on same-sex marriage took a verbal beating from a three-judge panel at the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago. Read the highlights below.

Op-ed: Virginia Is Next on the Road to Marriage Equality

Attorneys will argue in court Tuesday that Virginia must establish marriage equality. Here are the couples who are showing the state why its laws must change.

Virginia's AG Compares Marriage Ban to Racism

Bans on same-sex couples getting married sound awfully similar to bans on interracial marriage, says Virginia's attorney general.

What a 60s Mixed Race Marriage Case Says About the Present

The parallels between the landmark 1967 Supreme Court case Loving v. Virginia and the fight for marriage equality today are undeniable.

Loving vs. Virginia

The 40th anniversary of the case granting interracial marriage shows promise for an equal future, granting gay marriage.