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Marco Rubio

Far-Right Groups Spout Lies About Trans Kids Leading Up to Election

The worst offenders include America First Legal, run by former Trump aide Stephen Miller (pictured), and U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio.

The 13 (Mostly Antigay) Senators Who Voted Against Sec. Pete Buttigieg

The senators who voted against confirming Buttigieg as transportation secretary were almost exclusively from the South.

Alex Jones to Marco Rubio: 'Go Back to Your Bathhouse'

The Infowars host and Republican Senator battled it out on Capitol Hill Wednesday morning.

Sen. Marco Rubio Condemns Antigay Violence in Chechnya

Rubio blamed Russian President Vladimir Putin for enabling the attacks.

We Will Not Be Free of Marco Rubio

The anti-LGBT Florida senator lives to see another term.

Marco Rubio Amps Up Hypocrisy in Speech on Not Judging LGBTs

The Florida senator opposes LGBT rights and yet lectures Christians for judging LGBT Americans.

Two Months After Pulse, Antigay Evangelicals Descend on Orlando

The LGBT community is fuming that the American Renewal Project is hosting its gathering -- with Trump and Rubio in attendance -- in the same city where 49 people were murdered at a gay nightclub weeks earlier. 


Marco Rubio Defends Appearance at Antigay Event

"Leave it to the media and liberal activists to label a gathering of faith leaders as an anti-LGBT event," said the Florida senator. 

Marco Rubio Shamed for Speech to Antigay Rally on Pulse Anniversary

The senator was called "Florida's most brazen political opportunist" by a local alt-weekly.

Gay Protester to Marco Rubio: 'You Have Blood on Your Hands'

The Florida senator is scheduled to speak at the Republican National Convention tonight.

Maddow: Mike Pence 'Choked' Under National Spotlight

Maddow recalls the moment that Pence froze while live on national television.

Marco Rubio, No Friend to LGBT Americans, Runs for Reelection to Senate

The failed presidential candidate had said earlier that the Orlando tragedy was a factor in his consideration of a second Senate term.


Officials: Shooter Had Twice Been Investigated for Terrorist Sympathies

Omar Mateen had a history with the FBI, officials confirmed.

Marco Rubio: ‘Gay Community Was Targeted’

The Florida senator talks to The Advocate about what led to the attack.

Could Orlando Tragedy Change Minds on LGBT Equality?

Some politicians with antigay records appear genuinely moved.

Trump Wins Florida and More; Rubio Quits; Kasich Gets Ohio

Trump gets a key winner-take-all state and victories in three others. Marco Rubio ends his campaign, and John Kasich gets his first win.


How the Republican Nomination Can Play Out

Either Donald Trump will win, or no one will win the Republican primary outright.

Donald Trump Knows What Republicans Are Thinking

The entire GOP primary might be about beliefs no one is willing to talk about.

GOP DEBATE: Candidates Keep It Civil, Mostly

Thursday night's debate dealt with issues rather than body parts.

How Much Further to the Right Can Ted Cruz Go?

The ultraconservative presidential candidate's campaign team sought more converts to his cause at a far-right conference called the Awakening.