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Alex Jones to Marco Rubio: 'Go Back to Your Bathhouse'

Alex Jones to Marco Rubio: 'Go Back to Your Bathhouse'

Alex Jones to Marco Rubio: 'Go Back to Your Bathhouse'

The Infowars host and Republican Senator battled it out on Capitol Hill Wednesday morning.

NBC News is reporting that during a squabble outside of a Capitol Hill social media hearing on Wednesday, Infowars host Alex Jones said to Senator Marco Rubio, "Go back to your bathhouse."

The fight began when Jones interrupted Rubio's briefing with the press. Trying to laugh off his interruption, Rubio called Jones a "dumbass." Soon after, Jones touched Rubio's shoulder, which futher escalated the drama between the two.

"Hey, don't touch me again, man. I'm asking you not to touch me again," Rubio said.

"Well, sure, I just patted you nicely," Jones responded.

"I don't know who you are. You're not gonna get arrested man, you're not gonna get arrested, I'll take care of it myself," Rubio replied.

"Oh, you'll beat me up. Look at him he's so mad," Jones replied. "You're not going to silence me. You're not gonna silence America. You are a little gangster thug. Rubio just threatened to physically take care of me."

NBC News reports that Jones continued to mock the senator as he was walking back into the social media committee meeting, yelling at him, "Look at this little frat boy, he's so cool. Go back to your bathhouse. There goes Rubio, little punk."

Jones is likely referring to a conspiracy theory that right wing blogger Wayne Madsen tried spreading about the Republican senator back in 2016.

Madsen claimed that "Republican insiders" told him that then Presidential candidate Rubio had a double life as a closeted homosexual. He alleged that Rubio was "known to be a very extroverted homosexual" while at university, and Madsen claimed that two pictures taken at a gay club in 1995 proved this theory to be true.

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