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Mary Lambert

How Mary Lambert & Dr. Wyatt Hermansen Found Perfect Harmony Together

Celebrate a great queer love story this Valentine's day with the Grammy nominated musician and her fiance. 

'Same Love' Singer Mary Lambert Announces She's Engaged

"I've dreamt of this moment my whole life."

How Grammy-Nominated Singer Mary Lambert Found Radical Self-Kindness

"You deserve to move through life in a way that's easy for you encourage imagination because there are solutions there. We just have to find them.”

Mary Lambert Debuts Breathtaking Holiday Song 'Seasonal Depression'

The Grammy-nominated queer musician premieres the video for her new song off of her first-ever holiday album with The Advocate. 

Mary Lambert on Queering Hymns, LGBTQ+ Visibility and the Indigo Girls

The Grammy-nominated artist chatted with Inside With the Advocate in May about the LGBTQ+ artists who inspired her. 

Mary Lambert Bares Her Heart and Soul in Video for 'Sister'

The "Secrets" and "She Keeps Me Warm" singer pays homage to the bond with her older sister in the video for her new song. 

Mary Lambert: Leaving Record Label Was Important For My Mental Health

Mary Lambert opens up about leaving Capitol Records.

How Mary Lambert’s Lost Car Keys Taught Her to Deal With Shame

Singer Mary Lambert ("She Keeps Me Warm") joins The Advocates podcast to discuss her book of poetry -- Shame Is an Ocean I Swim Across. 

Mary Lambert, Tyler Glenn Harmonize With S.F. Gay Men's Chorus (Photos)

SFGMC honored both Mary Lambert and Tyler Glenn of Neon Trees at the 40th Season Crescendo Gala for using their voices as agents of change.

Watch the Impactful 'Same Love' Performance They Tried to Stop

Macklemore and Mary Lambert performed despite a right-wing effort that tried to shut it down. 

Mary Lambert: Performing 'Same Love' in Australia Is 'About Being Human'

The "She Keeps Me Warm" singer spoke out about a petition to ban the song from Australia's rugby finals. 

Out Singer-Songwriter Mary Lambert Talks to Us About Her New EP, Bold

The out singer spoke about her new music. And she also sang a little classic Sarah McLachlan.

Mary Lambert: After Orlando, 'Love Harder, Love Louder'

If there's one thing we can learn from the tragedy at Orlando's Pulse nightclub, it's to "dance anyway," says the out singer-songwriter. 


Mary Lambert Wants to 'Hang Out With You' and She's Bringing Puppies

Get ready for a blast of pure joy.

WATCH: How Mary Lambert Lost and Found Her Faith

The out singer famous for 'She Keeps Me Warm' and her Macklemore collaboration 'Same Love' talks with journalist Eliel Cruz about faith and sexuality.

Mary Lambert's 'Oversharing' Is Helping Us Heal

The Entertainers: Mary Lambert gained notoriety for her collaboration with Macklemore on "Same Love," and she's dedicated to using her voice to speak up for authenticity and the abolition of shame.