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Why the Outrage Over Tamron Hall's Sherry Pie Interview Matters

The mainstream media has a responsibility to respect all victims of sexual assault -- including LGBTQ+ survivors.

Joe Biden, Tara Reade, and the Future of 'Believe Women'

Not every accusation is equal, contends Amanda Kerri.

Biden Denies Tara Reade Assault Allegations: 'It Never Happened'

The presumptive Democratic nominee said he never sexually assaulted a former staffer. 

Céline Sciamma, Adèle Haenel Walk Out of Roman Polanski's César Win

The director and stars of Portrait of a Lady on Fire made their objections known when exiled sexual predator Polanski was awarded the French Oscar.  

Harvey Weinstein Convicted on Charges of Rape, Sexual Assault

The Oscar-winning producer was found guilty Monday of third-degree rape and first-degree criminal sexual assault.

John Conyers, Equality Champion With Complicated Past, Dies at 90

Conyers, who denied the allegations but resigned just the same, was also a longtime advocate of equality for LGBTQ people and others.

Massage Therapist Who Accused Kevin Spacey of Sexual Assault Has Died

The Malibu-based massage therapist alleged that Spacey forced him to grab his genitals during a session in 2016. 

Cara Delevingne: Weinstein Told Her 'Get a Beard' to Hide Being 'Gay'

Sexual predator Harvey Weinstein once coerced Delevingne into kissing another woman in front of him as some sort of an "audition." 

Scarlett Johansson Loves Woody Allen Despite Child Abuse Allegations

Following more tone-deaf remarks this summer about playing transgender, the Black Widow star continues to be out of step. 

CNN's Don Lemon Sued for Alleged Harassment of Man at Hamptons Bar

CNN claims the plaintiff had a beef with the network. 

Ellen DeGeneres Shares She Was Sexually Assaulted by Her Stepdad

DeGeneres opened up about the assault to empower survivors of sexual abuse to have the courage to come forward. 

Angelica Huston Defends Accused Predators Tambor, Polanski, Allen

The Oscar winner dismissed allegations and admissions of the men's sexual predations as primarily being part of a boys' club. 

'Working Woman' Examines the Horror of Sexual Harassment, Assault

We spoke with the director of this powerful new film, which explores a survivor's journey.

Gay Editor Fired for IG Messages Is Suing Billboard and Accusers

Patrick Crowley claims he is a victim of workplace discrimination due to his sexual orientation -- as well as the "Twitter bandwagon."

Accusers Speak Out After Gay Billboard Editor Fired for IG Messages

Musicians Kisos, Michael Medrano, Alextbh, Graveyardguy, and Mosayac join NEO 10Y in claiming Patrick Crowley sexually harassed them through social media.


Brett Ratner and Warner Bros. CEO Embroiled in Lurid Sex Scandal

Once known for his box office hits, Ratner is now associated with homophobia and sexual harassment. He's now accused of facilitating Hollywood's "casting couch."

Trump Jr., Falwell Jr. Insult Trans People, #MeToo Movement

The heirs managed to disrespect a variety of people during a panel at Liberty University.

Ian McKellen Blames the Closet for Spacey and Singer's Alleged Abuse

"If they had been able to be open about themselves and their desires, they wouldn't have started abusing people in the way they've been accused."

Former Campaign Staffer Sues Trump, Alleging Unwanted Kiss

Alva Johnson is one of many to accuse Trump of sexual misconduct but the first to say it happened during the 2016 campaign.