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Michael Musto

Read the latest news about Michael Musto, a prominent gay writer based in New York City. Catch up on the latest celebrity gossip and commentary of Musto, a former columnist of the Village Voice who is credited with bringing national media attention to the murder of Angel Melendez by club kid king Michael Alig. Discover the writing of Michael Musto, which is featured in as well as other outlets like the New York Times, Daily Beast, and W magazine.

A Conversation With Coco Peru

Coco Peru, the longtime drag creation of writer-performer Clinton Leupp, has a priceless way with words -- and hairspray. 

Taylor Mac Brings Oomph To Off-Broadway

Fusing influences from commedia dell’arte to the Theater of the Ridiculous, Taylor Mac has brought originality and oomph to New York’s off-Broadway scene.

Michael Musto's Icons: Murray Hill

“The hardest working middle-aged man in show business,” is a spiffy creation who sings and dances, tells naughty jokes, and works a room like a firecracker. 

Alan Cumming on His Career as a 'Naughty Pixie'

The acclaimed star of The Good Wife on bisexuality, Liza, and embracing the smoky eye.

Michael Musto's Icons: Robin Byrd

How the infamous empress of fun and raunchy DIY cable TV brought a sex-positive, safe-sex message to the world.

A Conversation with John Waters, the Pope of Trash

All about the Christmas tree that fell on his grandmother.

Michael Musto Is Never Getting Married

It's a wonderful thing to have marriage equality, the writer contends, but you can leave him out of the archaic institution.…

Gay Men Can’t Take Criticism

A lot of us like to dish it out, but we can't always take it.

I’m a Gay Cliché — and That’s OK

There's a gay stereotype for every generation, and a reason for every contradictory iteration. But some cliches are built to last.