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Madonna Performs Concert at Site of Paris Attacks


After her sold-out show at Bercy Arena in Paris Wednesday, Madonna returned to the site of one of the terror attacks on the city last month and performed for pedestrians and passers-by.

Madonna's mini-show — consisting of "Ghosttown," "Imagine," and "Like a Prayer" — took place at Place de la Republique, one of the targets of the November 13 terror attacks that took the lives of 130 people, London's Guardian reports. Assisting Madonna were guitarist Monte Pittman and the star's 10-year-old son, David.

"Everybody knows why we're here," Madonna told onlookers. "We just want to sing a few songs about peace, just to spread love and joy, and to pay our honor and respect to the people who died almost four weeks ago."

At Bercy, Madonna told the crowd how much she loved Paris, saying it was there, performing at age 20, that she decided she wanted to make music for a living.

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