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Lizzo Rocks Her NPR Tiny Desk Concert With Super-Queer Performance


The flute-playing musician peppered her banter between songs with gender-inclusive language.

NPR got a double-dose of the flute-playing musician Lizzo when she followed an interview with radio host Terry Gross for Fresh Air with a pulsing 17-minute Tiny Desk Concert set.

Between performing her songs from behind what she called a "tiny-ass desk" to a packed room at NPR's offices, Lizzo peppered her banter with gender-inclusive language in a video released Monday.

"Bitches ain't shit sometimes." Lizzo said after opening with "Cuz I Love You." "And all the non-conforming genders in-between, you can all be ain't shit too."

After performing "Truth Hurts," Lizzo launched into a mantra repeating, "I'm fuckboy-free." But she didn't stop there. She made sure to express her new-found freedom from sexual and emotional users in gender-inclusive terms. She added that she's "fuckgirl-" and "fuckthem-, fuckthey-free" as well.

"It's an amazing place to be," she said.

For her final song, "Juice," Lizzo whipped out her flute and blew a solo in her signature style.

Lizzo was joined behind the "tiny-ass desk" by Devin Johnson on the keyboard, Dana Hawkins on Drums, Vernon Prout on bass, and Walter Williams on guitar, according to NPR.

Watch the performance below.

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