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National Center for Lesbian Rights

NCLR is the National Center for Lesbian Rights. Get all the latest news about NCLR happenings.

Against All Odds: The Resilience of LGBTQ+ Mothers and Parents

"Despite all these obstacles, LGBTQ+ mothers and nonbinary parents fight for the dignity and respect that all families deserve." 

LGBTQ+ Parenting Pioneers Share Tips for Queer Families in Live Event

Have no fear -- help for queer families is here! A free webinar this weekend will provide wisdom from some LGBTQ+ parenting pioneers.

For First Time, Three National LGBTQ Orgs Will Have Black Leaders

Imani Rupert-Gordon, Alphonso David, and Kierra Johnson are the new faces of queer activism.

Exploiting a Health Care Emergency to Restrict Reproductive Rights

It's a shameful power play, writes Julianna S. Gonen of the National Center for Lesbian Rights.

National Center for Lesbian Rights Leader on Making a Movement for All

Imani Rupert-Gordon will take the helm at the venerable organization, NCLR announced today.

Another LGBT Rights Victory at the Supreme Court

The court won't review an Arizona decision recognizing a woman as the legal parent of a child she and her wife conceived through assisted reproduction.

'50 Years, 50 Heroes': Kate Kendell Honors Roberta Achtenberg

The current executive director of NCLR honors prioneering out politician and former executive director Roberta Achtenberg for The Advocate's 50th anniversary.

Is Marriage Equality Truly Safe?

The president-elect says the issue is "settled," but many of Trump's allies are still clamoring to overturn last year's Supreme Court case. How much should we worry?

Groundbreaking Complaint to FTC: Ban Conversion Therapy

Find out why the Human Rights Campaign, National Center for Lesbian Rights, and the Southern Poverty Law Center are asking the Federal Trade Commission to step in and end 'ex-gay' therapy. 

Hillary Clinton Offers an 'Awesome Gay Agenda'

The Democratic presidential front-runner outlines what she plans to do for LGBT Americans if elected.

Same-Sex Couples Demand Birth Certificate Recognition in Florida

Failing to list both parents is clearly unconstitutional, so a federal court should order the state to do so without a trial, the couples say.

Here's How to Ban Ex-Gay Therapy in Your State

The National Center for Lesbian Rights and the Human Rights Campaign have drafted a model bill.

In Wake of Rentboy Arrests, Decriminalize Sex Work?

A statement by LGBT groups calling for such decriminalization was retweeted this afternoon.

Meet Obama's Newest Trans Appointee: Attorney Shannon Minter

Shannon Price Minter will take his new post in the Obama administration following years of big legal wins that have advanced LGBT rights nationwide.

Op-ed: How We'll End 'Conversion Therapy' in Four Years Flat

Samantha Ames of the National Center for Lesbian Rights is determined to wipe 'ex-gay' and 'ex-trans' programs from the planet.

Trans Man Fired for Refusing to Wear 'Women's Clothes'

A week into his job for First Tower Loan, Tristan Broussard says he was told to sign a form saying he would dress and act like a 'female' at work.

Op-ed: The U.N.'s Collective Gasp on Conversion Therapy

Last week the United Nations demanded to know how the United States could permit conversion therapy.

Wyoming Couples Sue for Marriage Equality

Four couples and the statewide group Wyoming Equality filed the suit in a state court Wednesday.

Federal Court Upholds New Jersey's Ban on 'Ex-Gay' Therapy

A federal district judge ruled Friday that licensed therapists do not have a constitutional right to practice the scientifically discredited therapy that aims to turn gay people straight.

Idaho Couples Sue for Marriage Equality

Four couples say Idaho's ban violates their rights under the U.S. Constitution.