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Necessary But Dangerous

While 40 percent of all homeless youth are LGBT, the fight for marriage equality is both increasing their ranks and sucking up resources.

June 30 2015 5:00 AM

Necessary But Dangerous: After SCOTUS rules on marriage equality, we'll want to celebrate, but will advertising campaigns make room for people of color in our happy ending?

June 24 2015 5:45 AM

A revolution on Paris streets is backlash against marriage equality, and two years in, the violence is unabated.

June 17 2015 8:55 AM

Necessary But Dangerous: Even if the Supreme Court rules in our favor, bisexuals are still likely to face an uphill battle for public recognition of their place in a fight for marriage equality.

May 05 2015 5:05 AM

With growing equality — including the very real chance of national same-sex marriage rights — the connections that long brought LGBT people together are unraveling.

May 04 2015 6:00 AM

Necessary But Dangerous: The recent uptick in legislation restricting transgender civil rights may be just the beginning of tough times for trans people if the Supreme Court settles the marriage question.

May 01 2015 6:00 AM

In the very definition of 'necessary but dangerous,' could a pro-marriage equality ruling from the Supreme Court stop 'the momentum that was on the side of change?'

April 23 2015 8:30 AM