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The New York Times

Mary Trump Responds to Donald Trump's Lawsuit: 'He is a F---ing Loser'

She and three New York Times are being sued for damages "believed to be no less than one hundred million dollars."

The N.Y. Times Says Police Belong at Pride. Many Disagree

A Times editorial calling the limitation of police presence "a misstep" has drawn outrage.

Queer Journalist Fired by New York Times After Pro-Biden Tweet

The Times disputes, however, that the tweet is the reason freelancer Lauren Wolfe is no longer working for the paper.

Right-Leaning Out Journalists Bari Weiss, Andrew Sullivan Leave Posts

Weiss is quitting The New York Times, citing an "illiberal environment," and Sullivan is exiting New York magazine. Both have roused controversy at times.

New York Times Gives Overlooked LGBTQ Figures Their Due

The Times is making up for failing to carry obits on notable LGBTQ figures at the time of their passing, such as (from left) Emma Stebbins, Alan Turing, and Ma Rainey.

Preparing for World Cup, Qatar Cracks Down on LGBT Coverage

FIFA continues to defend its choice to host the World Cup in Qatar, which follows antigay Sharia Law.

'N.Y. Times' Explores How Same-Sex Couples Split Up Housework

The division of labor starts out equitable, at least until the kids arrive, The New York Times reports.

Sorry, Frank Bruni: Gay Identity Isn't Extinct, It Evolved

There's a certain hubris about declaring the shared queer experience DOA just because it looks different than it did in 1968, or even 2008.

'Overlooked' No More: N.Y. Times Honors Marsha P. Johnson

In "Overlooked," the Times offers obituaries of notable women who didn't receive attention at the time of their passing.

Peter Thiel: In Defense of Privacy

The out entrepreneur wrote an op-ed in The New York Times to support a bill dubbed the Gawker Act, to prevent a repeat of what happened to him: "Gawker violated my privacy and cashed in on it."

Coroner's Chilling Description of Pulse Brings You Where 'Time Stood Still'

The medical examiner describes visiting the nightclub as part of his job identifying the 49 victims.

Pakistan Paper Censors Gay Kiss on New York Times Cover

The editors responsible for removing the image of two Chinese men kissing contend it was for the safety of their staff and to abide by restrictive laws concerning 'blasphemy' in Pakistan. 

Eileen Myles Tells Men: You've Had Your Turn, Step Aside…
Mara Keisling Makes the Case: Separate Is 'Unequal and Illegal'…

The Best Moments From Laverne Cox's TimesTalks

The trans actress spoke to The New York Times on a host of topics, the likes of which include her new documentary Free CeCe and the injustices trans women of color face in America.

Senate Leaves LGBT New Yorkers Unprotected

The New York State Senate ended its session Friday without considering an inclusive nondiscrimination act or a ban on debunked efforts to turn gay people straight.

Nate Silver Points Out NYT Writer's 'Change of Tone' on FiveThirtyEight

Since Nate Silver's FiveThirtyEight landed at ESPN, New York Times columnist Paul Krugman has written more 'unfavorable' stories about the site and its founder, says Silver.