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N.Y. Times Explores How Same-Sex Couples Split Up Housework

N.Y. Times Explores How Same-Sex Couples Split Up Housework

NYT Examines Who Does Which Chores in Same-Sex Couples

The division of labor starts out equitable, at least until the kids arrive, The New York Times reports.

Who is doing most of the chores at your home? The New York Times suggests that, if you're a same-sex couple with kids, the split resembles that of a typical arrangement by heterosexual couples.

Gender reporter Claire Cain Miller noted that same-sex couples are known to researchers for ignoring old expectations about which chores are for men and which are for women, and instead divide duties like vacuuming and washing dishes more evenly. But Miller says new research on LGBT parents shows that dynamic changing when kids come into the picture.

"When gay and lesbian couples have children, they often begin to divide things as heterosexual couples do, according to new data for larger, more representative samples of the gay population," Miller wrote. "Though the couples are still more equitable, one partner often has higher earnings, and one a greater share of household chores and child care. It shows these roles are not just about gender: Work and much of society are still built for single-earner families."

The story is based on a survey of research spanning from 2016 to 2005. Here are those studies:

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Read the complete story at The New York Times. Miller took to Twitter to share a few takeaways for couples.

Reaction on Twitter had people loving the caption writers.

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