Gay softball league reviews limits on straight players

Gay softball league reviews limits on straight players

The gay and lesbian softball league has reviewed its policy on allowing straight players on teams, lifting the limit for the lesbian league, the Fort Lauderdale, Fla., Sun-Sentinel reports. The North American Gay Amateur Athletes Alliance voted to keep the limit on heterosexual male players allowed to play in the league series to two per team but lifted the limit for women’s teams. The paper says the policy has caused division within the south Florida league. “If they open it up to straights, a lot of people will quit,” said team coach Chuck Dima. “One [heterosexual player] alone won’t say [anything], but you get two together, and they’re going to be making fun of the kids, mocking the kids.” However, Larry Wald, co-owner of the Cathode Ray bar in Fort Lauderdale, which sponsors a team, says that barring people based on sexual orientation is wrong no matter what reason. “We cannot say, ‘Don’t judge us by our sexual orientation,’ and then turn around and judge others by it,” he told the paper.

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