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Ukrainians call
for same-sex marriage rights

Ukrainians call
for same-sex marriage rights

The fight for same-sex marriage rights has reached the Ukraine, where a local gay-rights group and human-rights organizations have issued a public letter calling on the government to legalize same-sex relationships. The Ukrainian News Agency reports the letter demands the government declare same-sex marriages legal among citizens of Ukraine or between citizens of Ukraine and foreigners that took place legally in another country as well as civil partnerships that were legally registered abroad. The groups also want the government to include gays and lesbians in antidiscrimination laws. The letter suggests that if full marriage is not attainable, there should be civil partnerships and legislation providing same-sex couples with the same social and economic rights as married couples. The letter came in response to a lobbying effort by the Greek Orthodix Church for legislation that would specifically bar same-sex couples from marrying. The rights groups say they fear that if the church is successful, it would lead to hate crimes against gays and lesbians. The government has not responded to the letter. (Sirius OutQ News)

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