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What all the uncool kids will be talking about. The Advocate's pick of the top 10 video games for the fall

1. Halo 3 (September 25, XBox 360) The daddy of first-person shooters is promising a true next-gen upgrade and a new level of insanity to its signature multiplayer brawls. If you don't see any boys out on the street come the end of September it's probably because they're all inside playing with themselves.

2. BioShock (August 21, X360 & PC) Explore the dystopian world of Rapture,a failed city under the sea filled with rabid cult members, giant robots, mutants, and other frightening creatures. Uncover the mystery behind this creepy underwater chiller already hailed as a masterpiece of sci-fi and horror.

3. Super Mario Bros. Galaxy (November 12, Nintendo Wii) The little red man who started it all is headed it to outer space. Mario may be the sexiest bear ever to make it into video games, but he's got a whole new game plan on the Wii as he defies gravity and explores planets across the universe

4. Rock Band (November 20, Playstation 3 & XBox 360) Forget rock star fantasy camp, the geniuses behind Guitar Hero have found a better way for you to perform with the world's biggest rock stars. Pick up the instruments of a virtual band and jam to songs licensed from the biggest music publishers. Expect incredible multiplayer and online fun to rock out across the globe.

5. Uncharted: Drake's Fortune (November 1, Playstation 3) A stunningly gorgeous adventure game starring a hunky, square-jawed digital dreamboat.Help Nathan Drake navigate a fully detailed jungle, dodge hostile gunfire, and search for the lost fabled treasure of El Dorado.

6. Assassin's Creed (November 13, Playstation 3 & XBox 360) Breathtaking visuals highlight this game starring an assassin pulling off stealthy kills in the Crusades-era Middle East. Mystery still surrounds this title, but everyone expects great things from the developers responsible for the Prince of Persia and Splinter Cell series.

7. Burnout Paradise (December 7, Playstation 3 & XBox 360) If you're not into driving between the lines then the latest addition to the blockbuster Burnout series is for you. It's not whether you win or lose the race, but how many of your opponents you crash into. Who cares if you cross the finish line as long as there's a line of flaming wreckage behind you.

8. Brain Age 2 (August 20, Nintendo DS) A daily regimen of brain acuity tests that's surprisingly addictive. The game's predecessor was even proven to be an aid in preventing Alzheimer's. Who knew?

9. Boogie (August 8, Nintendo Wii) Throw the karaoke machine away and jump into the 21st century with the perfect party game: Boogie.Create your own cartoon character, pick a song, add your voice, and dance with the Wii remote to add your signature moves to make your own video.

10. Contra 4 (TBA, Nintendo DS) The addictive franchise that defined the 2-D side-scrolling arcade classic back in the '80s has finally made a return, now for the Nintendo handheld.No need for quarters anymore--just grab a friend and blow aliens away over the DS wireless connection.

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