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Cops Hunt for
Attacker in Salt Lake City Beating

Salt Lake City
police are searching for a man suspected of beating a gay
man on August 9; it is unclear why they are releasing
details of the attack now. The victim told police
he had been with his sister at a lookout point
overlooking the city when the suspect approached them,
according to KUTV in Salt Lake. The suspect took a photo
with the victim and then asked if he was gay. When the
victim affirmed that he was, the suspect, with a group
of other men, began beating the victim.

The man in the
attack has undergone reconstructive surgery to repair his
orbital bone.

The assailant is
said to be a Polynesian man in his 20s.

The attack has
several similarities to an attack in the city of South
Salt Lake on July 4, according to the Deseret
In that incident, David "DJ" Bell and his partner,
Dan Fair, were severely beaten by a Polynesian
family who believed Bell had kidnapped two of their
young children. Bell was charged with kidnapping and
is currently awaiting trial. Fair, who had his eye socket
broken and has undergone several surgeries, was not
arrested. (The Advocate)

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