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Billboard Calls Out Anti-LGBTQ Group's Defense of Conversion Therapy

Anti-ADF billboard

The new billboard from the No Gays Allowed Campaign takes the Alliance Defending Freedom to task for its support of the discredited and harmful practice.

A campaign against the anti-LGBTQ Alliance Defending Freedom unveiled a new electronic billboard in New York City this week, this one highlighting the group's support for so-called conversion therapy.

"Who is trying to turn LGBT kids straight?" one message reads on the Times Square building at Broadway and 43rd Street, followed by one saying "The Alliance Defending Freedom" and directing viewers to the website for No Gays Allowed, which details ADF's support for practitioners of the discredited and harmful therapy.

"One of ADF's most egregious acts against our community has been its support of conversion therapy - a widely discredited practice that has put LGBT folks in harm's way for decades," Caleb Cade, spokesperson for the No Gays Allowed campaign said in a press release. "The world deserves to know that ADF is not honest about its intentions and is still advocating for this wildly dangerous, disturbing, and irresponsible practice."



ADF's actions to support conversion therapy, as detailed on the No Gays Allowed site, include representing practitioners in court and publishing a legal memo opposing proposed California legislation that would classify such therapy as fraud.

The No Gays Allowed campaign kicked off two weeks ago with a sign on the same building that flipped between "no gays allowed, no lesbians allowed, no bisexuals allowed, no trans allowed." It was designed to bring attention to ADF's support for businesses' right to refuse service to LGBTQ people. The far-right legal group represented the Colorado baker who refused to create a wedding cake for a same-sex couple and won a qualified victory at the Supreme Court. It has now asked the high court to hear a case in which ADF is defending a funeral home that fired an employee because she is transgender.

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