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Antigay, 14-Year-Old Vlogger Soph Threatens to Shoot Up YouTube

This Sick Little ...

The online video platform had terminated the account of the troubled teen for posting anti-LGBTQ content.

A racist, Islamaphobic, homophobic teen threatened to shoot up YouTube headquarters after the company terminated her account for posting a hateful, anti-LGBTQ screed in late July, according to Business Insider.

Responding to YouTube's removal of her account last week for violating its three strikes in 90 days rule, 14-year-old Soph tweeted a picture of an assault rifle with the caption, "youtube headquarters here I come." She later deleted the tweet saying that it was a joke.

The video that finally led to her removal from the site was entitled "Pride and Prejudice." In it, she wore a short-haired wig and a t-shirt intended to be ironic.

"Unfortunately, as you know, last month was Pride, which meant we all had to endure 30-days of AIDS-carrying pedophile victims patting themselves on their backs for their lifestyles," Soph said in the video. "I had an especially hard time considering that I live in California where there was a puddle of diseased load waiting for me whenever I dared to step out of my house."

A high school student from California's Marin County, Soph continued her rant by referring to Pride as a "fudge-packing fest" and lashed out at those who accuse her of homophobia by saying they do it to "detract attention away from the rates of STDs and pederasty involving homosexuals."

In April, when YouTube disabled comments on Soph's account, she threatened to kill YouTube's CEO Susan Wojcicki.

"Susan, I've known your address since last summer," Soph said. "I've got a Luger and a mitochondrial disease. I don't care if I live. Why should I care if you live or your children? I just called an Uber. You've got about seven minutes to draft up a will. ... I'm coming for you, and it ain't gonna be pretty."

With nearly a million followers to her account before it was dismantled, Soph made a name for herself with antics like dressing in a hijab and parroting Islamaphobic statements.

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