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Lizzo Surprises Out100 Honoree With Special Ball Gown

Aurielle Marie

Because Aurielle Marie asked nicely, the music powerhouse sent them her 2019 American Music Awards performance dress. 

If one were to think that right-wing criticism of music master Lizzo would get her down, one would be mistaken. Instead, the vocal powerhouse and accomplished flutist who recently got the opportunity to play a priceless crystal flute given to President James Madison engaged in the act of kindness that she described as "too easy."

As one of the honorees on this year's Out100 list, Aurielle Marie encountered one problem in advance of Out's gala held Wednesday at New York City hotspot Nebula: They needed an outfit. Out is a sibling publication of The Advocate, owned by equalpride.

"I'm in a little dress that was sent to me by everyone's favorite singer, Lizzo, and I'm with my good friends," poet Aurielle Marie told The Advocate Channel's Cara Glass from the gala. The Advocate Channel is also part of the equalpride family.

They explained their amazement that last year the poet had authored the book Gumbo Ya Ya: Poems and now found themselves among "the top 100 gay people in the country."

"I think LGBTQ people are the culture keepers. We're the wisdom tellers. We're the storytellers. We are not just counter-cultural; we are the culture. Queer people across the country and across the world are at the front lines fighting for what's right. We're building community and modeling ... community," they said.

"And we are making it look damn good," they added.

A few weeks ago, Marie realized she would attend the fashionable affair but needed something fabulous to wear.

So, as one does, they posted a video asking one of today's top artists to help find the perfect dress.

Marie appealed to Lizzo, asking the music maven to hook them up with a particular dress.

"I can't find anything that is big b**ch and red carpet ready," they explained, asking the artist to borrow her 2022 Emmys dress. "I know you know how it feels to be the biggest bitch in the room and all the scrutiny that comes with that. The audacity that you've marked in your career has helped me step out and be audacious myself."

They continued, "So I said, let me make a little TikTok because you never know what can happen..."

"Can I please, please, please wear your dress from the 2022 Emmys, please, which is my favorite," the poet asked.

Earlier this week, they posted a viral TikTok video where the poet reveals that the multi-Grammy-winning star had sent them a dress to wear to the swanky affair. It was Lizzo's 2019 American Music Awards performance dress that dazzled audiences.

Ten minutes into a one-hour-long Instagram live session Wednesday, Lizzo addressed the dress gift.

To her, it was all about kindness.

"Listen, that was just so easy to do," Lizzo said. "It was literally too easy. It's so easy to be kind. It takes so much effort to be mean. It takes so much effort to be hurtful or harmful to other people. Kindness is very innate to human nature. It's my pleasure."

Check out Aurielle Marie's journey from ask to glam night out on ABC's Good Morning America below.

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